Round Square Service Spreads Across the Globe

By Maddy Chen, Staff Writer

Round Square is an international program that spans six different continents, and many different countries, such as South Africa, Cambodia, Romania, Canada, Honduras, and Peru. The program has six ideals, internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership, and service, that all participating schools try to promote. Since joining Round Square, Hackley has had many great opportunities to attend various trips, conferences, and meet new people around the world.

Round Square offers many programs dedicated to supporting these ideals such as conferences, international and regional service projects, and student and teacher exchange programs. “It’s a terrific opportunity to get to know our peers and network,” said Allstrom Chair in International Affairs Adrianne Pierce. Dr. Pierce works to organize Round Square activities, trips, and conferences. She describes Round Square as “a wonderful opportunity to have the world… come to us, and then also have opportunities to go out and explore the world.”

Assistant Headmaster Kevin Rea works with Dr. Pierce to oversee the Round Square program. He said Round Square is an important program because it gives Hackley students a chance to make friends from all around the world, and it “shares with Hackley a dedication to community and service to others.” Mr. Rea said, “I hope that participation will bring people outside their comfort zones. Conferences, exchanges and service projects stretch individuals, and that’s the essence of learning.”

Hackley’s Round Square club, headed by Meghan Cunningham and Alex Gluckman, was recently started as a way to inform students about upcoming Round Square opportunities. Recently, a global conference was held in Jordan, but there is a regional conference in Bogota, Columbia in the spring. Several exchange students will come to Hackley this school year, some who are from Argentina, South Africa, and Kenya. These exchange programs add to Hackley’s international presence and allow for Hackley students to both meet visiting students and go on exchange programs around the world.

Round Square conferences have already been incredible for many students. Sophomore Meghan Cunningham, a leader of the Round Square club, also went on the same trip to Canada and said, “I had so much fun. It was one of the best weeks of my life.” Sophomore Angus Parton said he wanted to attend a Round Square conference in Canada because he “heard how much fun it is to go and meet people from all around the world.” Mr. Rea has also been on a few trips himself. “I have travelled to two Round Square International Conferences, one in South Africa and the other in Florida,” he said. Both were extraordinary in different ways. I made many friends who have since come to Hackley on visits, and I now have invitations to travel around the world.”

All photos from the Jordan Conference courtesy of Karina Franke.