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Wrestling team is smaller yet stronger

Junior Gio Crispi has won all his matches since returning from a devastating leg injury.

By Pat Walker, Sports Editor

February 10, 2017

Over the last two years, the Hackley Wrestling team has dwindled in size from 24 to currently seven members. Despite having a pool of young and talented wrestlers remaining, the success on the mat of each individual player cannot translate to wins given the low numbers. Lacking eight out of the 15 wei...

Navigating the college recruiting process

Navigating the college recruiting process

By Alex Meyer, News Editor

February 10, 2017

“Committed.” The word that every athlete aspiring to play sports in college hopes they can proudly claim to be. Many people search for a universal “road map” to the recruitment process, and feel that they need to follow particular steps in order to get committed. However, what these people do n...

Q&A with Jason Edwards, Director of Athletics

Director of Athletics Jason Edwards works hard on the field and in his office.

By Pat Walker and Bailey Griffen

February 10, 2017

Q: What were your personal highlights from the Winter Sting? A: The Winter Sting as a whole was a highlight. All the teams played exceptionally well. Out of all of them we only had one that didn’t pull out a victory but when you look at what the Sting is, it’s about a day of bringing all three ...

State of the winter season

By Bailey Griffen, Sports Editor

February 10, 2017

Throughout the winter season, Hackley has boasted strong performances across its eight varsity teams. With many impressive accomplishments thus far, the community looks forward to supporting teams as they approach some of the loftiest challenges of the season with championship tournaments, meets, and matches...

2017 Winter Sting Recap

2017 Winter Sting Recap

By Alexi Sandhu, Assistant Online Editor

January 25, 2017

On Friday January 6, Hackley’s winter sports teams competed in the annual Winter Sting. See the video below for highlights from the event. Winter Sting 2017 from Hackley Dial on Vimeo....

Winter Athlete Q&A: Kristen Bringsjord

Kristen prepares to make a shot.

By Jordan Wade, Guest Writer

January 21, 2017

Editor’s Note: This Q&A is part of an ongoing series of profiles featuring Hackley’s athletes. Sophomore Jordan Wade sat with senior Kristen Bringsjord to discuss her distinguished achievements in basketball. Q: What has been the most enjoyable part of the basketball season so far A: “M...

Hackley teams triumph at Winter Sting

Sophomore Jordan Wade scores against Fieldston in the Girls' Basketball game.

By Joy Dracos and Benjy Renton

January 9, 2017

Kicking off the new year, Hackley's athletic teams competed in the Winter Sting, an event dedicated to bringing the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools together to celebrate Hackley athletics. Towards the beginning of the afternoon, both Boys' and Girls' Squash teams defeated Fieldston and Holy Child 6-1...

Winter Athlete Q&A: Will Ezratty

Sophomore Will Ezratty prepares to hit a shot.

By Jordan Wade, Guest Writer

January 9, 2017

Editor's Note: This Q&A is the first in a series of profiles featuring Hackley's athletes. Sophomore Jordan Wade sat with fellow sophomore Will Ezratty to discuss his distinguished achievements in squash. Q: When did you start playing squash competitively? A: “Probably 7 years ago. My mom knew a family call...

Indoor Track kicks off season with first meet

Junior Onye Ohia-Enyia won both the 55 meter and 300 meter dashes.

By David Ben-Ezra, Guest Writer

January 8, 2017

When the students got off the bus and entered The Armory they got their first taste of the dry, dusty air. As they walked up the four flights of stairs to the grandstands they could hear “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey and the screams of small children in the distance. After a quick ...

2017 Winter Sting Schedule

The Varsity Swimming team competes at last year's Winter Sting.

By Joy Dracos, Online Editor

January 5, 2017

Come out and support Hackley’s athletes during the Winter Sting this Friday, January 5! The Varsity game schedule is as follows: Varsity Wrestling vs. Salesian: 4:15 p.m. Zetkov Gym Varsity Boys' Squash vs. Fieldston: 4:30 p.m. Zetkov Gym Varsity Girls' Squash vs. Holy Child: 4:30 p.m. Ze...

Staying in shape over winter break


By LiliAnna Khosrowshahi, Assistant Feature Editor

December 17, 2016

Push-ups The classic push-up is one of the best ways to help you stay in shape. This strengthens your chest, shoulders, triceps, and of course your core. Lunges When performed correctly, with knee bent at a 90° angle, upper body upright, and a horizontally aligned pelvis, you can’t go wrong wi...

Hackley’s former athletic stars: where are they now?

15% of Hackley graduates go on to play varsity sports at the collegiate level.

By Pat Walker, Sports Editor

December 17, 2016

With Hackley’s constant demands of academic rigor, people oftentimes forget about the Hilltop’s impressive collection of student-athletes. Hackley is a consistently dominant force against other Ivy League schools and intends to maintain this intensity. Over the past three years, for example, roughly...

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