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Lei Anne Rabeje
Lei Anne Rabeje, senior  and co- editor-in-chief finds herself fascinated by history. She always looks forward to the prospect of interviewing various community members on campus and generating creative layouts for the print edition. Perhaps this is why she currently dabbles in Advanced Studio Art and participates actively as a crew member in the performing arts. An avid fencer and delegate in MUN, Lei’s talents extend from the gym to the studio, yet she makes time to help underclassmen in her busy schedule. 

Lei Anne Rabeje, Co-Editor in Chief

Jun 05, 2018
Helmets have no place in girls lacrosse (Media)
May 21, 2018
Administrators and students wrestle with the recent Juul trend in the Upper School (Story)
Feb 02, 2018
Winter Coffeehouse 2018 (Media)
Jan 16, 2018
The real cost of applying to college (Story)
Nov 30, 2017
Jack Chen created an app that makes handling daily tasks easier (Media)
Nov 12, 2017
Comedy of Errors blends Shakespeare and Hip Hop (Story/Media)
Nov 06, 2017
Nov 02, 2017
“Comedy of Errors” promises humor and camaraderie (Story/Media)
Nov 01, 2017
The First Amendment in action: (Story)
Oct 26, 2017
Senior Letter to Underclassmen (Story)
Oct 06, 2017
Field Hockey (Media)
Oct 06, 2017
Girls Soccer (Media)
Sep 27, 2017
Fans Energize Teams at Fall Sting (Media)
Sep 16, 2017
Hackley Girls Teams Dominate at Fall Sting (Story/Media)
Sep 09, 2017
The Hilltop Buzzes with First Friday Festivities (Story/Media)
Jun 13, 2017
Senior class hosts annual P.S. 81 Dodgeball Tournament (Story)
Jun 13, 2017
Mr. Wirtz reflects on his first year on the Hilltop (Story)
Jun 10, 2017
Hackley Salutes Class of 2017 at 118th Commencement (Story/Media)
May 16, 2017
AP Art Exhibit Displays Students’ Concentrations (Media)
May 15, 2017
Acting 1, 2, and 3 perform at the annual Acting Showcase (Story)
May 15, 2017
Seniors take final bows at spring Coffeehouse (Story)
May 15, 2017
Rising Spring Sports Stars (Media)
May 15, 2017
Sports for Dummies (Media)
May 15, 2017
From South Africa and Scotland: Three exchange students find home in Hackley (Media)
May 15, 2017
Christina Wang earns Scholastic National Gold Medal for short story (Media)
May 15, 2017
The biggest news story that people don’t understand (Media)
Apr 06, 2017
Black History Month falls by the wayside in Hackley community (Story)
Feb 10, 2017
Q&A with Charles Colten, Director of Community Wellbeing (Story)
Feb 10, 2017
Exploring politics around the world (Story)
Dec 18, 2016
In Brief: December 2016 (Story)
Dec 18, 2016
SDLC prompts students to evaluate diversity at Hackley (Story/Media)
Dec 17, 2016
Skiing takes the East Coast by Storm (Media)
Dec 17, 2016
Hackley students respond to widespread protests against President-elect Donald Trump (Story)
Dec 17, 2016
Introduction to Trump’s Cabinet (Story)
Dec 17, 2016
Staying in shape over winter break (Media)
Nov 23, 2016
Freshmen Council officers bring new energy and ideas (Media)
Nov 21, 2016
For Dial’s politics editor, Trump’s victory has ominous the Dial echoes of a right-wing populist in her home country (Story/Media)
Nov 21, 2016
Ellen Coote shares her Round Square experience (Story/Media)
Nov 09, 2016
Behind the Scenes of Caesar and Cleopatra (Media)
Oct 31, 2016
Halloween festivities and parade hit the Hilltop (Story)
Oct 31, 2016
Enter here to be and find fright: Community Council unveils its first Haunted Hilltop (Story)
Oct 23, 2016
Workout Fuel: Whole Foods that Enhance Performance (Media)
Oct 23, 2016
Donald Trump’s America: The 2016 Presidential Election through an Immigrant’s Eye (Story/Media)
Oct 23, 2016
Election for Dummies (Media)
Sep 17, 2016
Hackley Hornets Exhibit Athletic Dominance at Fall Sting (Story)
May 30, 2016
Board of Magistrates Seeks Greater Responsibility and Power (Story)
May 02, 2016
Hackley Students Immerse Themselves in Moroccan Culture (Story)
May 01, 2016
Navigating Election Jargon (Media)
Mar 18, 2016
Behind the Scenes of Hackley’s Winter Production: The Katrina Project (Story/Media)
Feb 16, 2016
Hackley Seniors Eagerly Prepare to Vote in 2016 (Story/Media)
Feb 16, 2016
My Experience is a Warning: Islamophobia Must Be Confronted (Media)
Jan 08, 2016
Hackley Teams Compete against Horace Mann, Riverdale and Masters in Winter Sting (Story)
Dec 17, 2015
Racial Conflicts Spark Conversation at Hackley (Story)
Nov 20, 2015
Levi DeMatteo is an Artistic Triple Threat (Story)
Nov 20, 2015
AGSA Club Pushes for Reform (Story)
Nov 20, 2015
Hackley Art Students Buzz Through NYC (Media)
Oct 23, 2015
Presidential Election Race Heats Up During Summer (Story)
Oct 19, 2015
Hackley Drama Program Brings Actors’ Passions to the Stage (Media)
Sep 11, 2015
Successful First Friday Strengthens Hackley Community (Media)
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