Credit: Jordan Miller

Senior dean Chris Loomis and Head of School, Michael Wirtz, survey the scene on the porch of the Gage House, where the annual senior breakfast is hosted each year. The Gage House is positioned directly on the quad, causing a seamless integration between the house and the school.

Seniors gather for breakfast with the Head of School

On First Friday, the seniors gathered at the Head of School, Michael Wirtz’s house for their annual breakfast. There, with muffins in hand, the Class of 2020 mingled on the porch of the Gage house, as Mr. Wirtz hopped among conversations. The seniors were buzzing with conversation, taking the chance to catch up with friends. 

Many of the conversations were about how far the seniors had come and how much they had left to do. 

Breakfast was followed by a three-hour information session by the College Counseling Office during which they advised students on the “dos and don’ts” of the college process. Giving advice on everything from Common App essays to how to behave at meetings with college representatives, the counselors stood at the front of the chapel, while rows of students jotted down notes.

The day was an accurate microcosm of senior year, with the Gage house breakfast showing the happier side of the year, as a class tends to bond in its final year together, whereas the intense counseling session portrayed the stress and pressure that comes with college applications. 

Senior Annabel Ives echoed her class’ sentiments saying, “I think senior year will be a lot of fun, that unfortunately comes with a lot of work.”

Senior year also comes with the responsibility of being the leaders of the school. As many of the seniors step into leadership positions, as captains on sports teams or club presidents, the class feels the weight of their influence. 

“Being the senior on a team means you have to work harder to be a positive role model because you are the one people are looking up to. I’ve found that I am a lot more conscious of my actions because of that,”said Varsity Tennis captain Leah Holmes. 

 Yet, on Friday the mood was light after Director of College Counselling Peter Latson concluded the mini-class, and the seniors headed out onto the quad. The class looked forward to their barbeque lunch and their bittersweet senior year.


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