The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

A drawing created by junior Lucia Butterfield using graphite pencils. Lucia was inspired to draw this piece when she was feeling overwhelmed with her academic work.

Creative Coping

By Samantha Reyes, Opinion Editor April 16, 2024

Your grades are slipping, your dreams of attending a top school are becoming more distant, that one friend is acting distant, but you have no clue why, and everything that could go wrong seems like it...

From Rome to Inside Your Brain

From Rome to Inside Your Brain

By Rebecca Ingles, Opinion Editor April 12, 2024

Rome And the Idea of Citizenship You’ve likely come across a painting, story, or other depiction of Ancient Rome at one point or another. But have you ever wondered who the face is behind these paintings...

Recently, Cara performed in Carrie the musical at Sandbox Theatre. She played the character of Carrie, and got to experience what is was like to get in character during different situations . Here, she wore a beautiful white dress drenched in blood, something that is not typically worn, to depict her character throughout the scene.

Cara Minello’s Journey on Stage

By Jordan Kleeger, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

The lights dim as the curtains open: it's showtime. Beyond the classroom, Hackley students have many unique talents that make up their identities. Sophomore Cara Minello found her passion in acting and...

Senior Caroline Didden serving the ball in her match. The team played RCDS and won. Girls Varsity Squash ended the season undefeated in the Ivy League.

Athlete Profile: Caroline Didden

By Enya Walsh, Events Editor April 11, 2024

In recent years, the Hackley Girls Squash team has been a dominant powerhouse, winning consecutive Ivy League Championships the last four seasons. The team ended their 2024 season undefeated in the Ivy...

Many students added extra chocolate chips to their cookies to make them super sweet. They were able to make the cookies using different substitutes like flax seeds for egg.

Life Hacks: Peer Advisory

By Bella Edwards, Feature Editor of Arts April 1, 2024

For years, the peer advisory class has been salient in guiding ninth graders into the new world of high school. This year, the new unit, Life Hacks, has been added to the curriculum. Unlike some schools,...

Lies Behind Digital Numbers: Age and Animosity

Lies Behind Digital Numbers: Age and Animosity

By Joshua Lee, Feature Editor April 1, 2024

An Anonymous Audience Amid the rise of online celebrity and follower-based endorsements, it isn’t only adults who have found themselves in the digital limelight. Generation Z and the rising Generation...

Dr. Sarah Davis was an outstanding but also a superb athlete. She received numerous awards throughout her time at Hackley during Class Day. Here, Dr. Sarah Davis received the Hackley Bowl in 1994 for being an outstanding junior for her class.

Dr. Sarah Davis Returns to the Hilltop

By Ashley Currie, Print Editor-in-Chief March 13, 2024

Being a life-long learner is core to Dr. Sarah Davis ‘95’s career as a “tutor” at St. John’s College in New Mexico, but she traces the genesis of this love to her time as a student at Hackley....

The Girls and Boys Varsity Swimming team had a fantastic season. The girls team broke several records for Hackley. The girls also won the Ivy League defeating Trinitys nine year streak of winning it.

Winter Athletics on the Hilltop

By Ashley Currie, Print Editor-in-Chief March 13, 2024

Diving into the pool, playing intense squash matches, being surrounded by electric crowds during basketball games, leaving all of one’s effort on the mat, fencing against great competition, or running...

Although the affect of COVID-19 has been on a decline with less cases and deaths allowing most of us to remain mask free, people on the Hilltop are still choosing to mask up. Personal health concerns as well as helping an elderly neighbor are reasons as to why middle school science teacher Emma Olsen still wears a mask years after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Since I am helping take care of him, you know I go over to work with his dogs, that kind of thing; I dont want to bring [the virus] home to him, Ms. Olsen said.

The Virus That Never Ends

By Fernanda Paz, Feature Editor of Community & Service March 13, 2024

“Students, please turn your cameras on,” is something that we don’t usually hear anymore. Since 2022, students and teachers have not returned to Zoom school after it became a staple in our post-break...

Sophomores place their belongings in the bubble for the day. The sophomore bubble has seating and lockers for everyone.

Controversy That Comes With Student Territories

By Sarah Barsanti March 8, 2024

A musty hallway, a spacious bubble, a hallway with tables, and a sunlit lounge with chairs and couches; where would you want to spend your time?  Upper school students have access to four ‘student...

Seniors study and hangout in the senior lounge during their free periods. After the installation of the new couches and configuration, there were different emotions about this new change. Some seniors were excited to spend time in the revamped space, while others felt like this ruined the old vibe of the senior lounge.

New Couches or Real Problems: A Dive Into Funding at Hackley

By Alessia Sorvillo, Design Editor of Online March 6, 2024

One day this fall, seniors entering the senior lounge were surprised to find new furniture waiting for them. Since then, some students have been questioning: are there greater needs at Hackley that could...

Classrooms to Crime Scenes: School Transformed into FBI Hotspot for Thrilling TV Crime Series

Classrooms to Crime Scenes: School Transformed into FBI Hotspot for Thrilling TV Crime Series

By Maura McGlarry, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2024

FBI, open up! The FBI Most Wanted crew stepped onto Hackley earlier this February. Luckily, it was only actors, not real criminals, who were “wanted.” Hackley was used as the set for an episode of...

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