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Virtual learning continues to help contain COVID-19

By Chloe Yancovich, Staff Writer March 17, 2021

With families in the Hackley community becoming more and more cautious, virtual learning is becoming a more popular option. Virtual learning is safe and convenient for students who have been contact traced...

Dr. Gay has been working with the Hackley community for the better part of three years. Recently he has been working with the community on a climate assessment.

Dr. Derrick Gay Works with Administration to Further DEI Work

By Kami Lim, Opinion Editor February 25, 2021

Derrick Gay, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, visited Hackley students virtually on November 16th as the first of a series of assemblies with him. His work spans from educating on whether words are...

Benjy Renton '17 holds up a

Benjy Renton ’17 chronicles his travels in China

By Griffin Senyek, Events Editor February 19, 2021

Off the Silk Road, a blog started by Benjy Renton, Hackley class of 2017, to chronicle his travels to China, has evolved over the course of 2020 to be a prominent source for COVID-19 information. Benjy...

Ms. Wolinetz visited this concentration camp. Millions of Jews and others were killed at camps similar to these during the Holocaust.

Community Time Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day

By Bella Wasserman, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

Three speakers from the American Jewish Committee spoke during a recent Community Time in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Emma Joseph, Sophie Miller, Michael Lee, Meredith Greenberg,...

Senior Jasmyn Phillips singing In the Middle of Starting Over by Sabrina Carpenter

Winter Coffeehouse

By Emily Koch, Staff writer January 26, 2021

Whether you can sing or like to recite poetry, Hackley’s beloved Winter Coffee House is a place for all students to showcase their amazing talents. This past Friday, January 22nd, Hackley experienced...

Protest against Arctic drilling in Bellingham, Washington

Fighting For Our Future in the Arctic

By Emily Koch, Staff writer January 25, 2021

Introduction Take a trip down memory lane for a moment and think back to when you were in elementary school, flipping through picture books, learning about the truly amazing things the world has to offer....

Ms. Jean, Assistant Head of School for Community and Inclusion

Ms. Jean, Assistant Head of School for Community and Inclusion

By Hannah Carey, News Editor January 25, 2021

Ms. Cyndy Jean, Middle School Director, will be filling the new role of Assistant Head of School for Community and Inclusion. With most of Hackley’s students having been supported by Ms. Jean’s leadership...

Fighting COVID-19 and Hunger

Fighting COVID-19 and Hunger

Zack Couzens’ family tackled COVID-19 last Spring, inspiring his Eagle Scout Project to give back to the Northern Westchester Hospital with a memorial garden.
By Hadley Chapman, Managing Editor January 15, 2021

In early March as the New York lockdown began, Zack Couzens and his family were one of the first in Putnam County to contract COVID-19. “It was a totally different experience than what was going...

Sophomore Danny O'Brien prepares to escape the pocket.

Post Fall Sports Reflection

By Chloe Yancovich and Sami Rowbottom January 12, 2021

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, almost every activity has been limited and/or changed, including fall sports. Hackley students were fortunate enough to have their seasons, despite COVID-19 restrictions....

Social Media is doing a good job keeping these Junior Hackley students engaged on their screens.

Movie Review: The Social Dilemma

The Dangers of Social Media: A Peek Behind the Curtains
By Theo Saujet and Niky Dhakad January 11, 2021

The Scary Truth behind Social Media by Theo Saujet “The Social Dilemma” is an influential and jaw-dropping documentary that illustrates the forceful control that social media possesses over the...

Middle School students create visual art for CS Ed-week

Middle School students create visual art for CS Ed-week

By Nick Khoo December 8, 2020

This year's 7th and 8th grade students have been opportune in taking Ms. Jain's new ​Creative Arts-Major class in Open Processing. This art major allows students to apply their modern artistic skills...

Halloween on the Hilltop

By Griffin Senyek, Events Editor November 3, 2020

With Halloween on a Saturday this year, Hackley celebrated Halloween on Friday, October 30, but the celebration was unlike ones in previous years due to COVID-19. The day commenced with school-wide...

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