The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

Available for purchase since February 2023, the Vision Pro represents Apples entry into the realm of virtual reality. However, the product was soon met with controversy: some expressed their excitement, while others brought worries of increased social isolation. Could Apples continuous development in virtual reality be a threat to our physical relationships, or instead transform communications to a greater level?

An Incoming Dystopia or a Modernized World?: Fear and Excitement for the Apple Vision Pro

By Joshua Lee, Feature Editor April 24, 2024

Have you ever watched your favorite movies and scrolled through social media, all while hosting a DJ concert on the beaches of Malibu? If not, it's possible now. The Apple Vision Pro is a hybrid of virtual...

Don’t Take Cookies From Strangers: The Real Risks and Concerns Surrounding Cybersecurity at Hackley

Don’t Take Cookies From Strangers: The Real Risks and Concerns Surrounding Cybersecurity at Hackley

By Charlotte Feehan, Feature Editor (Sports) February 27, 2024

The internet is an ever-expanding entity in its breadth and depth, made complex by the rapid ascension of artificial intelligence and personal data collection. Despite using this technology constantly,...

Ashley Currie

IRP Update with Hackley’s Science Researchers

By Ashley Currie, Print Editor-in-Chief November 28, 2023

Hackley has a strong program geared towards science research, ranging from students examining Alzheimer’s Disease to trying to uncover a potential treatment for lymphoma to tracking disparities in the...

One of many construction workers walk towards the developing Center of Creative Arts and Technology. The construction is planned to finish sometime in 2024, mere months away.

New Beginnings: Update on the Center for Creative Arts and Technology

By Joshua Lee, Feature Editor October 24, 2023

Imagine yourself walking along hallways surrounded by long, wide panels of glass overlooking the Hackley campus. You ascend upstairs to computer workstations while carefully handling an instrument or a...

Logging on to Hackley Wireless/Connect requires a different, longer process than the past Hackley WiFi. When students first entered school, many were met with internet errors and a set of Terms and Conditions.

Hackley Upgrades Network Security

By Joshua Lee September 27, 2023

A fresh school year is buzzing with potential yet untapped: you roam crowded Hackley halls, sneakers scuffing the waxed floors, and heave a sigh as you sit in your classroom and open your laptop. Your...

The bat houses have been planted onto Hackleys orchard. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery, the houses await for bats to settle into their forever homes. Until then, Mark Green and the other caretakers of the bat houses will continuously check and give updates to the community.

Dual Protection: The Relationship between Bats and Hackley’s Orchard

By Joshua Lee, Staff Writer February 23, 2023

In order to maintain the healthy condition of Hackley’s orchard, the community has decided to bring in one of the most interesting and misunderstood species within the animal kingdom: bats. These animals...

The Data Struggle

The Data Struggle

By Alessia Sorvillo February 1, 2023

Schizophrenia, a serious mental disorder that affects a person’s ability to interpret reality properly, was a topic that piqued junior NJ Roc-Sennett's interest and led her to learn more about it by...

App of the month: Locket

App of the month: Locket

By Kayce Park, Staff Writer January 12, 2023

Locket is a relatively new “widget” app that anyone can download to their home screen in order to send live pictures to their friends. You can add up to ten friends to send and/or receive pictures...

Sophomore Isabella Barriera works on her English project in the library, her water bottle next to her. Every year, HEAL passes out these water bottles to the freshmen so everyone has access to a reusable water bottle.

HEAL Initiative – Reusable Water Bottles

By Rebecca Ingles, Staff Writer November 29, 2022

Walking around campus, you may have noticed silver water bottles with a black H on them, without realizing they are a work of HEAL. Hackley Earth Action League, or HEAL, is a student-led club that focuses...

Hackleys beehives bustle about as pollen is brought back to its queen! Thanks to the bees hard work, harvesting honey for future events should pose no problem!

Campus Beehives Create a Pollinating Environment

By Joshua Lee, Staff Writer October 15, 2022

Imagine your school lunch, accompanied by a small pot of fresh honey from the school grounds. This is now a possibility thanks to the Pollinator Club and Upper School Science Teacher, Regina DiStefano,...

IRP Project: Refocusing the Importance of Skin Care

IRP Project: Refocusing the Importance of Skin Care

By Sejal Virk, Staff Writer September 28, 2022

“Skin is the body’s armor. It is the biggest organ in the body which is why it needs to be protected and repaired with the best products possible,” says Francesca Jones, a sophomore who is a part...

Maxwel Lee participated in the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair on the 19th of March. At WESEF he presented his work on the ability of barley straw extract to prevent algae growth.

Making a Change One Sample at a Time

By Akshi Khowala, Assistant Opinion Editor April 19, 2022

With each passing year, Maxwel Lee ‘22 noticed that the reservoirs in Tarrytown would turn a sickly shade of green (covered in a layer of algae) during the summer months. The aggressive algae growth...

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