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Students Write Letters of Activism

Students Write Letters of Activism

June 11, 2020

In response to the most recent events related to the murder of George Floyd and other instances of police brutality, the Dial started a letter-writing campaign to express student opinion during these upsetting times. We contacted a few Dial reporters and students who were particularly vocal during the A...

New York Should Encourage All Voters to Vote by Mail

On the application for an Absentee Ballot in Westchester, you must specify the reason for wanted one. In the case of the Corona Virus, the proper choice would be temporary illness because there is no option for voting by mail out of caution.

By The Editorial Board

June 4, 2020

On April 27, New York election officials made a historic decision to cancel the state's Democratic Presidential Primary due to the heightened health risk caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has been sweeping the globe, and the fact that only one candidate, Joe Biden, remains in the race. This decis...

Editorial: A vision of the new normal on campus this fall

As New York State looks to reopen, Westchester County is meeting six out of the seven necessary guidelines to opening. Long Island, New York City, and the Mid-Hudson are the only areas that still do not meet all of the requirements. Once the checklist is met, there will be a phased reopening to ensure that the virus does not spike again.

By Kami Lim, Opinion Editor

May 22, 2020

Political leaders, public health experts, and pundits discuss flattening the curve, social distancing, and contact tracing in all media forms. We are all well aware. Since we left school for early spring break after Tuesday, March 10th, we are now on the eleventh week of quarantine (as of May 19th)....

Why does the Upper School only have one black teacher?

Why does the Upper School only have one black teacher?

April 1, 2020

It’s 2020, but only one black teacher sits on the Upper School faculty. For an institution that prides itself on diversity, this discrepancy is significant. But Hackley’s administration is quite conscious of this problem and is working diligently to resolve it. Mr. Steven Bileca, Assistant Head of...

Students and faculty debate how an open grade book will provide more transparency for the student body

Students and faculty debate how an open grade book will provide more transparency for the student body

By Hannah Ostfield, Senior Staff Writer

January 17, 2020

An open grade book may help students at first, but will it end up causing even more stress? After a month or school into the trimester, students await their progress reports, then a month later it’s their trimester report card, and then it’s finally their end of year grades. An open grade book c...

To give or not to give

To give or not to give

By The Editorial Board

January 17, 2020

The editorial board argues for continuing the tradition of giving out sports jerseys, positing that the tradition encourages school spirit and attendance at games — although alterations to the tradition must be made to ensure the comfort of students Jersey giving, a long-standing tradition on the...

Teachers limit phone use in class

Students work in the library with their phones right by their side. Although some students use their phones as calculators or look at photos of notes, many just enjoy having their phones by their side.

By Maya Miller, Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

Teachers and students often debate the phone ban that has been instituted in certain classes throughout the Upper School. In certain classes, students are asked to keep their phones in their backpacks or place them in front of the classroom in order to help them focus. Despite the fact that students...

Tech Free Tuesday encourages students to focus less on technology

Students glued to their technology during lunch demonstrate the necessity for a day without technology. In recent years, the role of devices has become more prominent both in and out of the classroom.

By Yingshyan Ku

June 3, 2019

A group of students sit across from each other around one of Hackley’s round tables in the lunchroom in silence. Each student is preoccupied with their phone and too busy with the digital screens to converse with one another. This situation is exactly what Hackley administrators sought to avoid...

A hate symbol promotes conversation on campus; action must follow

A hate symbol promotes conversation on campus; action must follow

By The Editorial Board

May 20, 2019

On Wednesday, March 13th, Upper School students received an email that stated that they were to report to the Johnson Center during their break period. The calling of the entire Upper School to a meeting with little notice was an unusual occurrence, and the halls were buzzing with rumors about the t...

Why I don’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance is an American tradition that has been in existence since  the 1940s.

By Oren Tirschwell, Guest Writer

April 12, 2019

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Thirty one simple words that every public school student knows in this country. Thirty-one simple words that I recited every morning from g...

Student-based scheduling limits course offerings

March 12, 2019

To the Dial Editorial Board, I read with great interest and enthusiasm two articles, entitled “Diversity vs. Decolonization” and “Students seek additional English department course offerings”, and would like to provide a few further comments to the student body so that, should they wish to...

English Department should develop additional course offerings

As a teachers’s assistant to one of Mr. Flanigan’s English classes, Ella offers her asistance to students throughout the essay writing process. Along with the assistance
she provides, Ella keeps up with the course work and she gives passage presentations. Ella has worked more literary analysis into her schedule through her role.

By The Editorial Board

February 5, 2019

In this issue of our ‘Portrait of a Student’ series, The Editorial Board is focusing on seniors and the stresses they manage. We spoke at length with Ella Zaslow about her experiences as a senior, finding that in having to create an English major for herself, she exemplified the challenging dynami...

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