The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

Senior Harper Kelsey attended a show late her sophomore summer and had a blast.

Senior Harper Kelsey Reflects on the Importance of Trustfalls

By Harper Kelsey, Guest Writer April 11, 2024

Editor's Note: This piece is an adaptation of Harper Kelsey’s Chapel Talk given to ninth and tenth grade students on January 29th 2024. I want to talk about trust falls; not the kind that you did...

Sophomores place their belongings in the bubble for the day. The sophomore bubble has seating and lockers for everyone.

Controversy That Comes With Student Territories

By Sarah Barsanti March 8, 2024

A musty hallway, a spacious bubble, a hallway with tables, and a sunlit lounge with chairs and couches; where would you want to spend your time?  Upper school students have access to four ‘student...

Seniors Eliza Podvalny, Kylie Oh, and Sabrina Reyes studying for their upcoming midterm at their local public library.

Midterm Mastery: Tips to Ace Exams

By Samantha Reyes, Opinion Editor February 29, 2024

Imagine sitting down at your desk, multiple binders and notebooks scattered before you. Loose pages of notes from various subjects are spread around the room. You end up sitting there contemplating where...

Junior India Davis-Hanessian loves listening to a playlist titled, Songs and Their Samples that has both original songs, and the songs that theyve sampled. With thousands of likes, this playlist is all-encompassing for all things music.

What Song is That?: The Popularity of Music Sampling

By Olivia Houck, Events Editor February 27, 2024

There have been many awkward moments where adults and teens bond over similar music, with the same chords, instrumentals, and lyrics; but then later realize they are talking about two different songs....

The Device Dilemma: Do Phones and Headphones Prevent Community Connections?

The Device Dilemma: Do Phones and Headphones Prevent Community Connections?

By The Editorial Board February 27, 2024

On an average day on the Hilltop, you walk into the lunchroom full of vibrant noise and tables full of students engaging in lively conversation. However, you look around and notice that many students are...

Going Head-to-Head: A Review of Different Headphones

Going Head-to-Head: A Review of Different Headphones

By Rebecca Ingles, Opinion Editor February 23, 2024

Everywhere you go, you can spot someone blocking out the world with headphones. While they can seem isolating, headphones serve a purpose in blocking out distractions, especially in noisy spaces like...

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That’s So Fetch! A Review of “Mean Girls”

By Rebecca Ingles, Opinion Editor February 8, 2024

The limit of Tina Fey’s additions to the “Mean Girls” universe does not exist.  “Mean Girls” (2004), the timeless Tina Fey hit based on the self-help book “Queen Bees and Wannabes” by...

Tommys Mocktails page is constantly growing with followers and likes. In his pinned videos he has as many views as 16.2 million. He provides his followers with a lot of content so that they can create their own non-alcoholic drinks from home.

Guest Essay: MockTales: The Journey Through TikTok Fame

By Tommy Troso, Guest Writer January 25, 2024

Editor's Note: This piece is an adaptation of Tommy Troso's Chapel Talk given to ninth and tenth grade students on January 4th 2024.  When I was younger, I had dreamed of becoming famous. I even went...

Yankee Stadium in October 2022.

Devastation in the Dugout to Hope for Home-runs

By Rebecca Ingles, Opinion Editor January 17, 2024

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see more Yankees gear around the Hilltop this spring as the Yankees look to improve in the coming 2024 season. There's no doubt that the 2023 season was disappointing for...

Hackley Upper School students were surveyed to ask how often they read the news.

Intelligent, But Not Well-Informed: How Updated are Hackley Students on the News?

By Maura McGlarry, Editor-in-Chief January 2, 2024

With so much going on in the news, students should be more informed on pressing issues. I am concerned with how informed young people, including students at Hackley, are about the events that occur in...

In the middle of Kyiv, Mr. Klimenko examines a captured Russian tank from the beginning of the conflict.

A Russian victory in Ukraine would destroy democracy

By Charlie Perlman, Features Editor November 28, 2023

If you look closely enough, you can see it. The prevalence of the Russia-Ukraine war is all around us. It is evident in our classrooms, our news, and our daily conversations. As I sat in my 20th Century...

My twin, Giulia, and I pose for a photo on a family vacation in Italy of August 2011. We are super close and enjoy all kinds of family vacations together, especially beach ones.

Are You Guys Twins?: A Personal Essay About Growing Up As A Twin

By Alessia Sorvillo, Design Editor of Online November 21, 2023

“Are you guys twins?” That question has followed my identical twin and I our whole lives. It has followed us so much that it has become predictable. We can tell by the stare or the look on a person’s...

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