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At Hackley, Brandy Melville is worn by many students. However, the body image it perpetuates is often unknown to students. And more often than not, Brandy clothes are not in dress code.

One size never fits most: Brandy Melville is damaging young women’s body image

By Alina Watson, Editor-in-chief April 30, 2021

When you Google “Brandy Melville,” one of the first questions that pops up is, “will I fit into Brandy Melville?” And for most young women, the answer is no. Brandy Melville is a European clothing...

Photo credits: Rolling Stone. This image shows Texans walking through frigid weather to get their groceries.

Changing Environment

By Akshi Khowala , Staff Writer March 19, 2021

The changing environment has been a consistent threat to all living beings on Earth. In the past couple of decades, the problem has progressed and is in dire need of correction. With temperatures rising...

Moving Forward with Martin Luther King Days 

By Destiny Stephen, Guest Writer March 10, 2021

In the eyes of a five-year-old, Martin Luther King Day is a day that works to promote peace and unity. To a sixteen-year-old, that day has even more significance. MLK Day should be a day to talk more candidly...

Best ways to use a mask.

Is Being Forced to Wear a Mask an Infringement of Rights?

By Kami Lim, Opinion Editor February 22, 2021

Many individuals argue that a mask mandate violates personal freedom and frequently cite the Constitution as a reason why some businesses and local governments can not impose a mask mandate. Some individuals...

Unsure about the COVID-19 vaccine? Here is why we urge you to get it

Unsure about the COVID-19 vaccine? Here is why we urge you to get it

By The Editorial Board February 11, 2021

Since COVID-19’s first cases in the U.S., infection rates and deaths have skyrocketed, affecting members of every community. With over 24 million cases and 398 thousand deaths, every state has had to...

Winter Break Remote Week

By Akshi Khowala and Gabriella Parasnis January 21, 2021

Winter break was a well-needed break for the Hackley community, including the additional online week. Throughout the remote week, students and teachers were challenged to exceed expectations set by the...

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

By Sophie Thomas, News Editor January 12, 2021

“Make sexual tension great again. What’s a girl’s best friend? Being marginalized. I drink to forget fat chicks.” These are but a few examples of the card combinations generated by the popular...

Best Books to Read During Quarantine

Best Books to Read During Quarantine

By Kami Lim, Opinion Editor December 14, 2020

Fantasy The Night Circus - by Erin Morgenstern Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus brings the audience on a fantastical journey that follows two characters as they begin a contest neither of them...

Student responses to whether they believe Air and Shares should be mandatory as recorded from the Dial survey.

The Culture of Politics at Hackley

By The Editorial Board November 17, 2020

For months we have all been bombarded with media coverage of important but polarizing issues including the 2020 election, Black Lives Matter protests, and the best way to suppress the COVID-19 pandemic....

Does a paperless environment create too much screen time?

Does a paperless environment create too much screen time?

By Alexandra Elwell, Staff Writer October 8, 2020

Dystopian novels, though sometimes depressing and dark, help reveal certain aspects of society that are rather adverse to everyone’s benefit. In the well-known dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, by Ray...

Dionne shares an image of her online History class.

Perspective of a hybrid student

By Akshi Khowala, Staff Writer October 8, 2020

Change and adjustment is a prevalent theme in 2020 with COVID -19 impacting the lives of millions around the world over the course of the past nine months. With schools reopening, Hackley’s priority...

Students Write Letters of Activism

Students Write Letters of Activism

June 11, 2020

In response to the most recent events related to the murder of George Floyd and other instances of police brutality, the Dial started a letter-writing campaign to express student opinion during these upsetting...

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