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The rise of female political leaders: Hackley leads the charge

Student Council President, Taylor Robin, addressing the K-12 Hackley Community with her Commencement Day Speech about what her new position means to her.

By Sophie Thomas, Senior Staff Writer

November 6, 2019

While much of the country seems to need time to adjust to the idea of a woman in a presidential position, Hackley has embraced this concept with open arms. For the last five years, the president of the entire school has been a woman and for the last two, a woman of color. These accomplishments have not...

The Dial asks Climate Strike goers: Why are you here?

“Because we only have eleven years to stop climate change before its irreversible”
Genevieve, 12

By Jordan Miller, Editor in Chief

October 16, 2019

Chants of “there is no planet B” echoed through lower Manhattan this past Friday, as thousands gathered for the Climate Strike. Amongst the sea of signs, I selected my favorites, and asked those rally-goers, “Why are you here?” These are their responses:

2019-2020 Class Officer Candidates

April 29, 2019

Senior Class Officer Candidates Emily Afriyie I think that I would be a good candidate for class representative because I have had experience on Council for the past 2 years. During that time, I have learned ways to help the community and I have learned the importance of working with a group of people ...

Community Council candidate speeches 2019

Community Council candidate speeches 2019

By Sydney Stoller, Online Editor in Chief

April 16, 2019

The student body gathered in the PAC this Monday to watch speeches prepared by the all-school Community Council candidates. The winner of each race (Presidential, Vice Presidential, and Secretary/Treasurer) will represent the school in their respective position. The goal of the assembly was to inform...

2019-2020 All-school candidates speeches

April 11, 2019

Candidates were asked to answer three questions: 1. Why would you be a good candidate for this position? 2. How have you contributed to the Hackley Community? 3. What are your goals if elected to this position? All School Candidates for President James DiStefano I feel that I could represent a par...

Michelle Obama inspires women through bestselling memoir and book tour

As Michelle Obama entered the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, the audience
erupted into loud cheers for their former First Lady. She captured the crowd with loving charm and remarks about her insightful best-selling memoir. Thousands of people travelled to Philadelphia to hear Obama’s inspiring words.

By Sydney Stoller, Digital Managing Editor

February 14, 2019

“Confident” by Demi Lovato blared across the loudspeakers, a fitting choice for the event’s guest of honor. The guest? Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States. Obama sat down with host Phoebe Robinson at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 29th — ...

Representative Maloney raises concern in New York’s 18th District

Representative Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY 18) is seeking his third term in Congress this fall. He faces controversy from his constituents going into the Midterms this November -- his constituents feel he prioritized his career over the well-being of his constituents as a result of his attempted run for New York State Attorney General.

By Sydney Stoller, Managing Editor

January 13, 2019

Constituents were skeptical of New York Democratic Representative Sean Patrick Maloney this September as he struggled to balance running for reelection to the House as a representative of New York’s 18th Congressional District and vying for the democratic nomination of New York State Attorney Gene...

Students take action when immigration issues hit home

Members of the Hudson Scholars program attended an immigration rally in 
White Plains last July. The rally was planned by PAL leaders Amy Chalan and Matt Fisch along with paralegal Luis Yumbla to garner support for families affected by deportations. The rally was meaningful for Hackley ‘s mentors after scholar Chrissy’s father was deported earlier this summer.

By Max Rosenblum, Politics Editor

January 8, 2019

Since President Trump’s election in 2016, the immigration issue — ranging from the controversy over the proposed border wall to the separation of families — has taken center stage in American politics. Although the issue is important for many, it remains impersonal for most. But its implications...

Torn Apart: How a Deportation Deeply Affected My Religious Community

Junior Sydney Stoller's temple staged a rally in solidarity with Armando Rojas and his loved ones. Rojas headed the staff of custodians at Stoller’s temple for twenty years before he was arrested eight months ago. Rojas is currently incarcerated in Albany, New York awaiting an appeal regarding his asylum status.

By Sydney Stoller, Digital Managing Editor

January 4, 2019

Each Monday I trudged up the steps and pressed the buzzer. It beeped, and the woman at the desk asked who I was. “Sydney Stoller, I’m here for religious school,” I responded. It beeped again, and the door unlocked. I entered the lobby and Armando smiled. “Hello, how are you?” he said, just a...

Emmy Wenstrup spent the summer exploring the U.S. immigration system

The current border fence along the beach in Tijuana, Mexico ventures out into the Pacific ocean. Some portions of the wall around the beach contain murals and messages, many of which are political. The fence along the beach also tends to be a common tourist attraction for those wanting to examine the infrastructure along the United States-Mexico border.

By Emmy Wenstrup, Guest Writer

December 19, 2018

This summer, I attended a 2-week program sponsored by the New York Times that focused on American immigration in California. Throughout these two weeks, 10 other high school students and I participated in a road trip that traveled from San Francisco to San Diego. In San Francisco, we watched a de...

Letter from the Politics Editor

Wake Up to Politics, a comprehensive, non-partisan, political newsletter shows up in the inboxes of its 50,000+ readers every weekday morning. The newsletter is written by 16 year old Missouri junior Gabe Fleisher, a politics nut whose newsletter began 7 years ago as a daily briefing for his mother. In the years since, major news outlets including The New York Times have written about Fleisher’s accomplishments, causing the newsletter to gain significant traction.

By Max Rosenblum, Politics Editor

October 17, 2018

Reasonably digesting the near-constant stream of political news and media that has enveloped our world can prove a difficult task. Wake Up to Politics, a daily political newsletter written by 16-year old high school junior Gabe Fleisher of Saint Louis, MO, provides an easy solution to this sometimes frus...

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