Young Round Square 2017 Timeline

Young Round Square 2017 Timeline
Credit: Benjy Renton

Representing Hackley are 12 Middle schoolers delegates who have been selected by their amazing applications, 21 Upper school student facilitators who have sacrificed weekends and school to give it their all, and most importantly, Hackley’s incredible teachers – Mr. Brad Walters, Ms. Cyndy Jean, Mr. Bileca, Dr. Adrianne Pierce, Ms. Margaret Randazzo, and Ms. Sara Budde – just to name a few, who have been working night and day to pull off this memorable conference for the 105 visiting delegates and teacher chaperones who have traveled countless miles from the Americas and beyond.

A special thanks goes out to the many Middle School families who have volunteered to host these Middle Schoolers for the duration of the conference, going above and beyond to provide a place to make these delegates feel right at home, hundreds to thousands of miles from their own families.


The Dial has included a brief overview of the conference schedule and highlights below.

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