Louisa Thompson uses her Photoshop skills to start an online business


One of Louisa’s style of edits includes collages made from cut out magazine photos. She recently made a collage focussed on model Bella Hadid using her recent Vogue cover shoot paired with inspirational words to create this piece.

By Hannah Ostfield, Staff Writer

Louisa’s passion for collaging started in middle school when she would look through piles of magazines finding cool pictures. She began to cut out photos of celebrities, models, or even interesting quotes and glue them onto paper making collages. During her freshman year, Louisa rediscovered her knack for collaging in art teacher, Mark Green’s Studio Art class, where she was exposed to “Photoshop.” For a class project, Louisa created a surrealist piece by layering, cropping, and editing different photos. Louisa’s Photoshopping ability allowed her to create collages like she did when she was younger, but on her computer. Now, sophomore Louisa Thompson has turned her interest in “Photoshop” into a small business called “Collaged.”

After her art class in 9th grade, Louisa began making collages during her free time. “It really varies. Some days I’ll make a lot and other times weeks will go by without me doing any. Honestly, it depends on my mood and if I have inspiration. I don’t really rush myself because the more spontaneous they are, the better,” she said.

Louisa started putting some of her collages on the photo editing app VSCO, and one of her collages got 1,000 republishes. Many people on VSCO found Louisa’s Instagram account and direct messaged her for their own, personalized collage. Before she knew it, many of her friends and members of the Hackley community began asking Louisa for collages.

As her collages gained more attention, Louisa started an Instagram to advertise her work. The Instagram account allowed Louisa’s friends, members of the Hackley community and even people all over Westchester to contact her and ask for collages. “I realized I could profit off their desire for my artwork so I started charging people,” she said.

Louisa made money from some Instagram collages, but mainly through hand-made, customizable canvas collages. “I didn’t really expect my collages to turn into a profitable business, however as long as I’m having fun I will continue to make them,” she added.

Although her talent grew into a business, Louisa still collages for fun during her free time. When asked to recall some of her favorite works, she noted, “I think my favorite one is either a collage I did of vintage divers jumping out a plane or one of a car driving into a scene from the Lorax. It sounds crazy when describing it but I guess that is kind of what happens when you let your imagination run wild.”

The best part of Louisa’s skill is that she makes collages when inspiration comes to her. The organic nature of her work makes her collages special and personal for each person. For her, creativity is the most important part. “I like that I have the capability to bring crazy thoughts to life.”