Drama Society Performs ‘The Alibis’

Credit: Caleb Bae
Griffin Senyek and Arjan Sandhu play the roles of detective Casey Neptune and Warwick the butler. In this scene they interrogate Davina Arlington, played by Hannah Gorevic.

Throughout the week of Oct. 29th to Nov. 6th, Hackley’s Drama Society performed “The Alibis”, a comedic murder mystery written by Jonathan Dorf, under the tent on Akin Common to accommodate COVID-19 protocols.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the Drama Society was not able to have a play last year, making this performance even more special for the cast. The Hackley community had access to theatre for the first time since the pandemic. Additionally, the cast did not have to wear masks while performing outside, and vaccinated parents were allowed to attend which was appreciated by the cast.

The play, directed by Mr. Teacher, is about an eccentric billionaire who was murdered and a clueless detective, played by Griffin Senyek, who is trying to find clues and solve the murder mystery. Throughout the play, the detective interviewed different suspects, all of whom were reluctant to say what they knew about the case, as they were committing their own ridiculous crimes. The play also included pop culture references that had the audience laughing throughout.

“It was a wonderfully entertaining show put on by that theatrical miracle worker, Mr. Willie Teacher, and his super-talented cast. It was a bit chilly in the tent, but the performance warmed our hearts! It was a great show!” Upper School English teacher Mrs. Siviglia reported.

The cast also created close friendships and bonds between actors throughout the production of the play. Students ranging from freshman to seniors participated in the play and loved their experience with the cast.

Freshman Fox Quattrone said, “My experience has been great. I have been able to bond with so many new people, and make friends in many different grades. This play has really helped transition me into high school,”.

Many students enjoyed watching the play and are already excited to see what the Drama society has to offer next.

“In my opinion the play was fantastic. Overall it was really funny and I thought the actors did a great job playing different roles and characters. I will definitely be coming to watch the next play.” Sophomore, James Potanin stated.

As of now, the possibility of a winter play is still in the air, however, the Drama Society is planning on performing a spring showcase.