New Faces in the Music Industry

Sophomores Maggie Yalmokas, Giulia Sorvillo, and Alessia Sorvillo watched Zach Bryan perform at the music festival Sound on Sound. Many fans were disappointed with his short setlist. Bryan also started late because he was experiencing many technical issues, making fans even more disappointed, as some of them had traveled far just to watch him perform.

Zach Bryan, an up-and-coming country and neotraditional country music artist, did not see a future in music growing up. When he first enlisted in the Navy, his plan was to serve his country just like his grandfather and father did. Writing music was something he did in his spare time, but in the fall of 2021, he received an honorable discharge from the Navy, which allowed him to dive into his music career.

He quickly signed his third album “American Heartbreak” with Warner Label, which was released on May 20, 2022, and was a triple album containing some of his most popular singles. It currently resides in the top 10 albums of the billboard 200. This album includes his song “Something in the Orange,” which has been a hit since its release and has yet to leave the charts.

A video of a sunset to the song “Something in the Orange” first went viral on TikTok, and the song has now been number one on Spotify’s Country Global chart for the sixth consecutive week. During Homecoming season, many people were asked to Homecoming with signs making a play on the lyrics saying “Something in the orange tells me we should go to homecoming.” Although he currently has 845,000 followers on Instagram, with his songs and album rising on the charts, there is no doubt that he is on his way to one million followers.

Noah Kahan, alternative singer and songwriter, deferred his admission to Tulane University to pursue his music career. Although his songs were gaining popularity since 2017, he first went viral on July 8th of this year with the release of “Stick Season.” With the help of TikTok, his song spread around the US and exposed other artists to it. Famous artists such as Zach Bryan and Maisie Peters have released their own versions of the song, further promoting it. The song has been streamed more than 43 million times on Spotify and hit No. 1 on the platform’s Daily Viral Songs Chart.

With the release of his new album, also called “Stick Season”, many fans anticipate that he will continue to grow his career as an artist. He is currently touring the US and has plans to tour the UK.

Benson Boone, an outstanding American Idol contestant on season 19, stood out to the judges and blew them away despite never singing professionally in his life. With this newfound confidence, he believed he could really make something out of a singing career and quit the contest to start focusing on his music.

He put out his first song, “GHOST TOWN” in October of 2021, and it instantly became viral on TikTok, hitting No. 1 on the charts in multiple countries. His third single, “In The Stars,” was released in April of 2022, and also went viral jump-starting his career. With the help of these two hit songs, he was able to release his first album titled “Walk Me Home…” in late July 2022.

Lastly, Dora Jar, a new alternative artist, had the opportunity to open for Billie Eilish in many venues, including Madison Square Garden because Willow Smith, a popular pop/indie artist who was supposed to open for Eilish, could not join the tour. With a venue like Madison Square Garden, which housed 15,000 fans for Eilish’s concert, it helped expose many fans to Dora Jar. Although she may not have as many hit songs or followers as the other upcoming artists, she had the opportunity many aspiring artists can only dream of.