Day in the Life of a Boarder

Credit: Sejal Virk
At 7:50 a.m. Hailey comes down the stairs from the boarding quarters ready for the day and ready to attend homeroom.

It’s 7:55 in the morning and while most students are getting out of their cars and buses, others are walking down right from their bedrooms. Hailey Won ‘25 is one of 31 boarders in the Upper School, who, for five days of the week, lives on our campus.
Hailey can wake up every morning around 7:40 due to her homeroom being a few steps away.
“I skip breakfast because I usually think I have more time than I have, but most boarders grab breakfast downstairs before homeroom to start the day,” Hailey said.
One of the many benefits that comes with being a boarder in the morning is waking up late and getting that extra bit of sleep.
“Being a boarder also helps because if I ever forget anything I can ask Ms. Coy for the key card [to the boarding commons] and run upstairs if I forget any books or clothes for the gym,” Hailey said.
Though there is the comfort of having all of her belongings right upstairs, Hailey finds it challenging to be away from her family during the week. The tight-knit bond of the boarding community, frequently described as a “family” itself, helps to fill this void.
Hailey goes about her normal day attending classes and meeting with teachers but after school, it’s time for some physical activity. “I run upstairs, change and head to Johnson pretty much every day,” she said.
After working out she often hangs out with friends in the Johnson Center who are still there for sports or heads to the admissions hallway or the library to do some work before dinner.
“I normally get to dinner and that’s when all of us get to unwind and relax and talk about our days,” she said.
When asked about Flik dinner she said, “It’s not the worst thing in the world but I definitely miss my family cooking and eating with them. Having a close boarder family helps as we eat together every night,” Hailey said.
Hailey then gets upstairs at 5:30 to take a shower and change into more comfortable clothes.
“Recently we’ve been having a fly issue and have had dead flies in the sink which gives me an actual heart attack, but our showers are usually really nice and functional,” she said.
She then goes to the mandatory silent study hall, which is solely for work and focus in the library. “A variety of teachers proctor our study hall but there are additionally permanent boarding associates who are keeping an eye on the boarders, some including Ms. Esteves-Kraus, Mr. Shaw, Ms. Baal, Ms. Barnes, Mr. Sheppard, and Ms. Chen,” Hailey explained.
“It’s really nice having a space to quietly work whenever and get my work done,” Hailey said. She recognizes having this time motivates her to stay productive and focused. After the study hall, boarders have free time from 9:00 to 10:30 PM, open for socializing and catching up. You can often catch them talking and hanging out in the boarding quarters. By 10:30 everyone is in their rooms.. “No one really sleeps by 10:30, being a boarder I have become basically nocturnal because we have so much freedom in choosing when to sleep,” she said, “Recently I’ve been going to sleep at 12:00 to 11:30 which is pretty early for a boarder.”
Hailey likes being a boarder but admits there are downsides.
“I love the freedom of being a boarder and being away from my parents and being independent but, I don’t love how my day is so structured. School, sports, dinner, study hall, repeat every day can get really tedious and boring,” she said.
Every day there are different activities and events planned. Monday is boarder meetings, Tuesday is teacher help, Wednesday is game night which is often laser tag, acting activities, pottery or pumpkin carving, and lastly, Thursday is always pizza and movie night.
“Events are one of my favorite things about boarding because it takes away from the fact that I’m at school all day,” Hailey said.
Altogether, boarding has many benefits as well as disadvantages but all in all boarder Hailey Won loves the boarding experience as she is able to wake up as late as she wants, have independence, and socialize in fun activities.