Club Spotlight

GSA club leaders Ava Lattimore, Nailah Archer, and Tabitha Jones discuss upcoming ideas at their meeting. Each have been involved in the club throughout their high school careers, and now find themselves at the head of the group. Their goals for this school year is to expand GSA visibility and involvement at school.

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance club, GSA for short, is one of Hackley’s core clubs with a long-lasting and vital presence at the school. Offering a safe haven for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike, GSA aims to support, educate, and celebrate the queer community at Hackley and beyond.

Seniors Tabitha Jones, Ava Lattimore, and Nailah Archer currently lead the club and all have been involved in GSA throughout their high school experience. GSA is sponsored by biology teacher Ms. Emma Olsen and chemistry teacher Ms. Katherine Hannon.

“It gives the community a presence and a space to connect, and I hope our more regular meetings make people feel that they are supported and not alone in the greater Hackley community,” Tabitha said.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, GSA and most other clubs were limited in available activities. As life returns to normal, the GSA club aims to become a more strongly established community among the Hackley student body. Through consistent meetings during community time and fun after-school activities such as movie night, the club hopes to provide a reliable space for LGBTQ+ individuals at Hackley and celebrate the community’s presence at our school.

In the past, GSA has sponsored open discussions about topics that are relevant to the LGBTQ+ community such as representation in media and pop culture and created a display in the English hallway recognizing influential queer individuals. Speaking about club meetings, leader Nailah said, “We pretty much just recount brief history and then open up a discussion about how the topic’s meaning has evolved and its impacts.”

The club meets on Day 7 during Block A in R124 and welcomes all students to attend.