AP Art Profile: Catie O’Rourke


Credit: Bella Edwards

This is a piece of Catie’s artwork in progress for her portfolio. This photo really shows the different colors and lifelike image of her dog.

For as long as she can remember, senior Catie O’Rourke has always had a love for art. From drawing stick figures as a kid to painting on a blank canvas, she always found art to be something that is a huge part of her and a source that allows her creativity to run freely.

Like many Hackley students, Catie began her art journey during freshman year when she decided to double up on art, taking both Foundations of Studio Art and Pottery. This choice was something that “set her on the course” she is on now, and she said that it is one of the best decisions that she has ever made regarding her pursuit of art. Currently, as a senior, Catie is in AP art and is working towards making her portfolio.

In her past art classes, Catie worked on many large pieces of work such as self-portraits and animal drawings. This year, she is working on smaller compositions and diving deeper into drawing what she loves most like her pets and familiar objects in everyday life. Catie describes her love for art as something that “cannot really be defined with words” and a “long but thrilling process.”

For Catie’s AP art portfolio, her concentration is based on animals underwater, specifically, her dogs, Roxy, Barkley, and Goldie. Watching her photographs come to life through drawings keeps her motivated and excited.

Catie begins by sketching out her reference photo, and from there she allows herself to begin picking out colors that will help with the shading and coloring process. This is what really begins to make her drawings come together. She enjoys using many different types of materials, but mostly uses chalk pastels and colored pencils.

Although Catie enjoys the creation process of her work, an important component of her love for art is the social aspect of it all.

“I chose to do art at Hackley mainly because I think that it’s fun and I enjoy the class and the people I have it with,” she said. Throughout her years at Hackley, she has been able to make many friends and connections through her artwork and enjoys being able to communicate and learn with those around her.

Art has always been a very important part of Catie’s experience here at Hackley, and her work continues to evolve and become an inspiration to many.