Pottery Club


Credit: Olivia Houck

When sophomore club member Abigail Beyrich attends Pottery Club, she enjoys making pinch pots. These are then fired and then glazed!

Started by juniors Cydnee Copeland and Sofia DiSpirito, the Upper School Pottery Club is one of the newer and more popular clubs that was started in the 2022-2023 academic year. Meeting twice a cycle on Days 1 and 7, the club strives to expose people to pottery and working creatively with ceramics.
Club founder and leader Cydnee Copeland said the club was filling a gap in the curriculum.,
“A lot of the pottery classes that the members wanted to take were canceled because there weren’t enough people interested in the course to have a full roster,” she said.
Instead, Cydnee and Sofia took independent studies in pottery and realized how engaging and fun creating pottery during the school day can be. The club was a way to be able to keep doing an activity they had grown to love.

Credit: Olivia Houck
Upperclassmen enjoy attending Pottery Club. They are able to do a variety of things such as, glazing and throwing on the wheel.

The club has had a great turnout and has over 15 members per meeting. In order to complete a piece it tends to take three to four meetings.
“I really enjoy the club, and I feel like it offers a lot of creativity for the members, and I think it is a really great experience to make something and use it,” said sophomore Abigail Beyrich.
Members can make hand-molded ceramics and mugs. Students are also free to craft objects thrown on the wheel. The club promotes creativity and freedom; the club members mainly run the show whilst the advisor, Upper School Art Teacher Sarah Coble lightly supervises. According to the club leaders, the process can be described as: “make, fire, glaze, fire.” Although this may seem confusing to some, the leaders are essentially trying to establish the various skills members can work on throughout the entire process.