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App of the Month: Co-Star

Credit: Samantha Reyes
A screenshot of the Co-Star app, showing my Do’s and Don’ts for today as well as insight on my day.

Astrology puts our temporary bodies in context with our universe’s vastness, allowing irrationality to invade our techno-rationalist ways of living.

— Co-Star Founder, Banu Guler

Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, out of sorts? The reason behind this could be the moon’s orientation.

Astrology has been a topic of discussion for centuries even dating back to prehistoric times. Astrology has been used to explain natural phenomena, emotions, and calculations. Despite some spending their lives in this field of study, astrology can be easily understood with the right resources. For example, Co-Star is a social networking app that gives users information about themselves and others based on astrology.

Co-Star was created by Banu Guler in October 2017 with the help of her friends, Ben Weitzman and Anna Kopp. Banu is a 31-year-old living in New York City but originally from Texas. Banu has always loved horoscopes and astrology; from a young age, she recalls reading astrology magazines and chatting with her friends about their horoscopes. Co-Star is an astrological social networking program founded in 2017 and headquartered in New York City. Users input information about their time zone, geographical region, place of birth, and date to receive an astrological chart along with daily horoscopes that can be compared to the user’s friends.

The app uses publicly accessible data that maps on a 3-D coordinate system where all of the planets are at any given time from NASA. The data of this 3-D coordinate system is translated into terracentric data, which is simply astrological data. Using data from NASA and astronomical studies, the app personalizes every user’s experience based on their horoscope, location, and other personal characteristics. Then, the app uses the user’s information coupled with astrological data to share insight into the user as a person, their relationships with others, their characteristics, and advice for the users. These insights are simply predictions based on research and data.

Users can enjoy the app alone but have the option to enjoy the app with friends. The app has an option to add friends and contacts which enables users to see their friends’ astrological signs, suggestions for the day, and overall astrological insight.

For example, according to Co-Star, one of my friends is “overpromising work” today and “narrating her own life too much.” On some days, your horoscope might align with your friends’, and Co-Star will tell you that and what exactly that means. The app also gives “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for the day, based on your horoscope and the current moon cycle and astrological cycle.

Additionally, the app gives users daily insight and suggestions, some brief and others more in-depth. It gives you a daily report on each user’s powers and struggles with various aspects of their lives such as thinking and creativity, sex and love, routine, spirituality, social life, and self. Users can tap on any of these categories to get an in-depth report on how you’re doing in these categories. Users have the option to send their future self a note which will resurface when the stars align. The app also gives you superlatives about yourself and your friends. For example, one day’s superlative was ideas of flirting. An example of a user’s “idea of flirting” based on their astrological sign could be “comparing hand sizes” or “playful shoulder punches that hit just a little too hard.”

A more recent feature of Co-Star is their AI assistant, which answers users’ questions about their relationships, situations, emotions, and more based on their horoscope. Each user gets two free questions, but after that, the user has to pay for more questions. Another feature that a user can buy is a relationship report reading, which gives in-depth insight into your relationship with a friend/partner or your relationships in general.

Whether you are super into astrology and horoscopes or have no idea what your star sign is, Co-Star is an interesting app that can add a flair to your day.

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