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Stanleys, Hydro Flasks, and Owalas: The Water Bottle Craze

Credit: Sejal Virk
Walking through the junior hallway there are countless water bottle everywhere being used by students. On this particular day a few students brought their hydroflasks to school. Some students had their mug versions to keep their coffee warm, others used the bottles with straws to keep their water cool.

As we learn about the importance of hydration in health classes and through social media, the water bottle has become an essential part of many students’ daily necessities.

“After covid, people stopped using public water fountains and drinking stations, so I’ve definitely seen a larger amount of water bottles being used at school,” said junior Bella Barriera.

However, water bottles are becoming essential for many more reasons beyond hydration. Recently, the brands Hydro Flask, Stanley, and Owala have stood out as the most popular on campus.

Water bottles from the brand Hydro Flask became extremely popular in 2019 when the trend of “VSCO Girls” became popular across social media and Gen Z as a whole. The company was established in 2009 with the aim of creating a water bottle that can keep the temperature of the liquid initially put in it for long periods of time, marketing their products as “Insulated and Stainless Steel Water Bottles.” Alongside going viral with the VSCO girl trend, Hydro Flasks became a symbol for limiting plastic water bottles and in turn, helping the environment.

The worldwide Hydro Flask craze is represented daily on the Hilltop with many students carrying them through classes and their everyday lives.

“I’ve been using it every day for two years at school, during lunch, and at sports practices,” said freshman Harlo Navas. She bought her Hydro Flask two years ago because all of her friends had them at the time. Since then, Harlo has loved having a bottle that keeps her water cold while also being durable and strong.

“I even got my family on Hydro Flasks and now they all have one,” she said.

Sophomore Anikka Duggan also uses her Hydro Flask every day for similar reasons; “When I got it, it was what everybody had and I kept it because it was very durable and hasn’t deteriorated,” she said.

In addition to Hydro Flasks, more recently, Stanley tumbler cups have become extremely popular. These cups took off on social media due to influencers praising them for their appealing designs, insulation, and large volume. Once the cups sprang to popularity on social media, Stanley’s annual sales reportedly jumped from $75 million to $750 million in 2023 alone according to CNBC. Stanley’s come in various sizes, capable of holding up to 40 ounces of liquid. They also have a unique shape being smaller at the bottom than compared to the top with the purpose of making them fit into cup holders.

Senior Camille Henderson is a big advocate for the Stanley cup and even had her own math problem involving her Stanley cup in Mathematics Teacher Mr. Gruenberg’s AP Stats class.

Credit: NJ Roc-Sennet
Math teacher Mr Gruenberg recognized Camille’s love for her Stanley through writing question about it on a recent test.

“I was looking to drink more water on a regular basis, and the cup having an open straw incentivizes me to drink more water,” she said.

In addition to the straw design, Camille loves the shape of the cup and the efficiency it brings to her daily life.

“It fits in my car cup holder unlike Hydro Flasks, and it also has a handle so it’s easy to bring around during the school day,” Camille said.

A newer water bottle that has found its way to popularity is the Owala. These bottles have recently become popular due to their new design to create easier sipping. Along with having vibrant combinations of colors, the Owala boasts a new FreeSip technology which allows different modes of drinking. You can chug the water by simply lifting the bottle and holding your mouth over both holes. In addition, there is also a built-in straw which allows easy sipping if the user prefers to drink more slowly. This new drinking technology made these water bottles super popular and makes “Hydrating a Delight Not a Chore,” according to Bon Appetit’s newsletter.

Senior Phoebe Abrams recently bought an Owala. “A bunch of my friends have been raving about them and they are super cheap compared to other trendy water bottles,” she said.
The new drinking technology also intrigued her: “You can sip as if it’s a straw so you don’t need to uncomfortably tip it back,” she said.

Altogether, water bottles are influencing a huge amount of students through social media, friends, and with the goal of drinking more water. Hydro Flask, Stanley, and Owala are just a few of the many brands we are sure to see populating campus for the remainder of the school year.

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