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The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

Editorial: Administration Needs to Reassess Library and Lunch Issues

Editorial: Administration Needs to Reassess Library and Lunch Issues

By The Editorial Board June 6, 2024

What is a rule if not enforced? At times, Hackley does not enforce rules that affect the student body. The Dial acknowledges the difficulties of enforcing some of these rules but is committed to the need...

The Device Dilemma: Do Phones and Headphones Prevent Community Connections?

The Device Dilemma: Do Phones and Headphones Prevent Community Connections?

By The Editorial Board February 27, 2024

On an average day on the Hilltop, you walk into the lunchroom full of vibrant noise and tables full of students engaging in lively conversation. However, you look around and notice that many students are...

Sophomore Jelani Middleton scores a basket in the third quarter of the boys varsity basketball game against Riverdale Country School. Students packed the stands to cheer on their classmates with parents watching below on court. This years Sting game featured appearances from NBA players.

Alessa Mendoza Scores One-thousandth Career Point to Kick Off the Winter Sting

By Charlotte Feehan, Feature Editor (Sports) February 6, 2024

Brimming with anticipation, each fan and Hackley girls’ basketball team member watched as senior captain Alessa Mendoza drove toward the basket. Talent, athletic prowess, and countless hours of practice...

A digitally generated photo of the chosen Crescent Scheme with realistic additions such as students, nature, windows, and more.

An Inside Perspective: Center For Creative Arts and Technology

By Samantha Reyes, Opinion Editor February 3, 2024

The new Center for Creative Arts and Technology is not simply a building, but a place of innovation, creativity, and community. To curate this space, countless people have worked together for years to...

Conor(middle) poses with his big catch off the coast of Florida. Conor hopes to bring his experience and skills to help members improve their fishing abilities.

Club Spotlight: Hackley Angling Club

By Caleb Bae, News Editor October 12, 2023

This year Hackley’s Angling Club was one of the most popular clubs at this year’s club fair. Led by seniors Conor Ranawat, Hugh Walsh, and Baraka Middleton; the three hope to get students outside and...

Jack Yalmokas(Left) and Matthew          Kearns(Right) are planning on leading the Midnight Run club next year. Both have been dedicated members of the club since their freshman year and love the experience. Jack and Matthew hope to continue the clubs success.

Club Spotlight: Midnight Run

By Caleb Bae, News Editor June 5, 2023

Midnight Run is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding those in need, specifically in New York City. Hackley is one of many schools that are partnered with Midnight Run, collecting clothing, food,...

Mr. Franklin sat in on a 7th grade science class. Mr. Franklin really appreciated the sense of community he felt when visiting Hackley and meeting faculty and students. During Mr. Franklins first year at Hackley he hopes to immerse himself in all there is to know about Hackley. Sitting in on different classes is a great first step to accomplish this.

Meet Hackley’s New Head of School

By Maura McGlarry June 2, 2023

“For the two days I was at Hackley, the number of people I met who wanted to convince me to want to work at Hackley or share their love for Hackley with me really made an impact,” said Charles Franklin,...

Students on the Grand Canal in Venice.

Casten Trip to Italy 2023

By Samantha Reyes June 2, 2023

During spring break, a group of Hackley students went on a Casten trip to Italy. Students traveled to Rome, Florence, and the Vatican. For those interested in upcoming Casten trips, it is important to...

Three students AIs are pictured here, each with their own unique customization. While all MyAIs have the same background, each user customized the name, outfit, and avatar of their AI. One student pictured here gave their AI a monocle and named it Alfred.

Snapchat Launches New OpenAI Feature: MyAI

By Rebecca Ingles, Staff Writer May 31, 2023

A virtual friend, a teacher, your own personal Wikipedia page, and an opponent in a game can all describe Snapchat’s MyAI.  In April, Snapchat became the first Social Media app to incorporate...

Sophomore artist Lucia Butterfield lent a helping hand in illustrating a drawing of how mobile betting platforms have affected her surrounding community. Lucia cited one of Hackleys most commonly stated mottos as an example to follow to help others recover from sports gambling addictions,Enter here to be and find a friend.

Sports Gambling Surge Impacts Students

By Charlie Perlman, Staff Writer May 4, 2023

“It genuinely worries me,” said Director of the Upper School Andy King regarding sports gambling at Hackley.  In early May of 2018, the doors to a 150-billion-dollar enterprise of previously illegal...

Laura Khlare, the owner of Blossom Meadow Farm, where Hackley’s mason bees came from, shows a male bee in her hand. Mason bees are much smaller than other bees and non-aggressive.

New Mason Bees Arrive in Hackley’s Pollinator Garden

By Bella Wasserman, Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2023

Buzz Buzz! Have you heard the news about the new mason bees in Hackley’s pollinator garden? On April 1st, Ms Johnson and seniors Ella Rodriguez and Mateen Nassirpurour, the leaders of the Pollinator...

Students and faculty gathered in the Lindsay Room and made friendship bracelets inspired by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swifts music was played throughout the party to celebrate her accomplishments as an artist, and the variety of songs in her discography.

Upper School Students and Faculty Host Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelet Making Party

By Rebecca Ingles, Staff Writer April 28, 2023

“So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it / You've got no reason to be afraid.” This is exactly what Hackley Swifties did after hearing Taylor Swift’s lyric from “You’re...

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