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Gender bender: Dress code moves past gender binary

By Olivia Weinberg, Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2017

Gender neutral is a term that has been tossed around recently from social activists to celebrities to social media. It also applies to the modified school-wide dress code. While the dress code remains...

Inclusivity and empathy: pillars of a

Inclusivity and empathy: pillars of a “more perfect” Hackley

Hackley ought to implement gender-neutral bathrooms to create a more equitable community
By The Editorial Board June 13, 2017

Transgender rights are human rights and human rights are transgender rights. For most people, using a restroom is a nonchalant and seemingly trivial activity. Transgender individuals, however, are often...

Hackley's dress code in 1972 did not require students to wear jackets and ties, a change from prior years.

Let’s talk about dress: reforming Hackley’s dress code

By Editorial Board November 21, 2016

In today’s culture, there is a growing consciousness that gender is no longer a binary; it is a collection. Male and female are no longer the only prominent gender identities. With the shifting stance...

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