Ms. Coy Keeps Upper School Running Smoothly


Credit: Robert Hallock

Ms. Coy multitasks, answering the phone while providing seniors Elijah Ngbokoli and TJ Gooley with important documents.

By Pat Walker, Staff Writer

Late to school? Have a DD? Need a good laugh? All Hackley students know who to find: Upper School Administrative Assistant Claudia Coy. Every day students throughout the Upper School have the opportunity to pass by Ms. Coy, without understanding the amount of impact her crucial work has on the upper school. While the Hackley community appreciates Ms. Coy’s numerous contributions to the Hilltop, there is more to her than meets the eye.

Ms. Coy’s day is full of incoming messages, emails, and concerns from the students, parents, faculty, and staff of Hackley School. From about 8 to 10 a.m., she manages student attendance records. Tardy students across the upper school go into her office as they sign in late.

From then on she sorts through email after email while helping of Upper School Director, Andy King. “One of her core jobs with regards to me is her keeping me on track, helping me to manage my schedule, and helping me with several little tasks…She actually runs the upper school and there is an element of truth to that,” said Mr. King.

Every day there’s something that’s so gratifying about being here and it’s always about the students.

— Ms. Coy

Although her job is at times stressful and somewhat tedious, Ms. Coy looks forward to each day for her opportunities to help students. “Seeing the kids come in is my favorite part of the day. Whatever the hassle is about or the question or the issue or anything. It’s always nice to see the children…. Everyday there’s something that’s so gratifying about being here and it’s always about the students and it involves the students. Any issue involving the children is always exciting in some way because it always gives me the opportunity to help them and that’s what I’m here for mainly,” said Ms. Coy.

Ms. Coy’s high school experience in Colombia could not have been more different than the ones of Hackley students. “It is more relaxed than it is here in the states. Colombia was the best experience of my life by far. However, Hackley’s community fit me, who I am, and who I’ve become,” said Ms. Coy.

Ms. Coy was also equally absorbed by the Hackley community. The Class of 2015 awarded her the school yearbook dedication. Patience and empathy are crucial traits for Ms. Coy. When sophomore Liam Bogart recently needed to reschedule a DD for a prior commitment, he turned to Ms. Coy, “I talked to her and she went out of her way to talk to my proctor to let me to miss the second half of DD and successfully make it to swim practice on time. Something like that really made my day,” said Liam.