Q&A with Jason Edwards, Director of Athletics


Credit: Pat Walker

Director of Athletics Jason Edwards works hard on the field and in his office.

By Pat Walker and Bailey Griffen

Q: What were your personal highlights from the Winter Sting?

A: The Winter Sting as a whole was a highlight. All the teams played exceptionally well. Out of all of them we only had one that didn’t pull out a victory but when you look at what the Sting is, it’s about a day of bringing all three divisions together. If there is one Sting that does that well, it is the Winter Sting because it is all encapsulated into [the gym]…Overall, it’s just one of those days that when you get those squash and swimming facilities packed like they are, it creates an environment that our students don’t normally see.

Q: What teams immediately stand out to you when you think about the winter season?

A: I would be foolish not to talk about the Boys’ and Girls’ Swimming programs. I think you’re going to see a lot of records broken by these two particular teams. Also, our Boys’ and Girls’ Squash programs are beyond good. If you take this last week, for example, the boys played Packer Collegiate and beat them 4-3 and the girls played Sacred Heart who they previously lost to 5-2 and beat them 4-3. So when you look at the Squash program, it’s one of those years where everything is coming together. You are also going to see some outstanding achievements in Track and Field. I know Onye Ohia-Enyia just broke the 300m record this past weekend at the Molloy Stanner Games while taking a bronze medal. The Fencing program had two foil teams that defeated Masters School. Overall, we have definitely seen some success. Boys’ Basketball beat Poly Prep earlier in the year which was a huge win for them. In my opinion, it has been a great winter season so far and you are going to continue to see a lot of individual achievement by the end of February.

Q: Can you name a few athletic standouts or rising stars that you find unique?

A: It’s hard to pick a team in the winter season. I was a wrestler so I always lean towards wrestling. I would love to see the Hive involved more for other sports, but I think the most exciting right now are the Boys’ and Girls’ Squash programs as well as the Swimming program. I think they are poised to do things that haven’t been done here in a very long time. Particularly when it comes to Nationals for the Boys and Girls’ Squash teams, but also when it comes to swimming and when they get to Ivy Championships, I think you’re going to see a lot of names change on that record board. I think Track and Field will also show some individual achievement that we usually don’t see. So I don’t really have a favorite, but when it comes to the overall winter season, I am really excited to see what the end of the year results look like.