Enjoy sweet and savory treats at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg

By Natalie Sukhman, Staff Writer

If you’re looking to spend a fun day on the Williamsburg waterfront, enjoying delicious and unique foods, and capturing some Insta-worthy shots, Smorgasburg is the place for you. The famous Brooklyn food fair is held every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm in East River State Park and Prospect Park respectively. The event is held rain or shine, so it’s a perfect idea for any weekend. As the favorite vendors sell out quickly, make sure to get there as close to the opening time as possible. Check out these four vendors at Smorgasburg to make the most of your experience.

Roll Play is a casual, fast-paced Vietnamese vendor that specializes in fresh, delicious spring rolls. In addition to their spring rolls, Roll Play also has spring bowls- a deconstructed spring roll, Viet nachos in beef, chicken, and vegetable varieties, and incredible egg rolls. While the food itself is fresh and delicious, the sauces are the real star of the show. There are three to pick from: tangy and spicy Sexy Sauce, the classic Vietnamese Boss Sauce, and the Hoisin Poison, which is described as creamy peanut butter hoisin sauce. For only $4 a roll, definitely check out Roll Play for a refreshing, affordable and healthy bite.

A Smorgasburg classic, Home Frite is one of the most popular and busy vendors. They have three versions of their freshly made fries: classic, truffle Parmesan fries, and Dutch (curry ketchup and diced onion) with a wide range of different sauces such as chipotle ranch, malt vinegar aioli, and jalapeño cilantro. These hand-cut fries are a little pricey, ranging from $8 to $10 depending on the type of fries and number of sauces you choose, but definitely worth it. You can’t go wrong with a piping hot cone of truffle fries paired with lemon garlic aioli. Home Frite should be at the top of your list of vendors to try.

For the more adventurous palette, check out Destination Dumpling. The Chinese dumplings come with delicious and inventive fillings, the most popular is the Classic, which is a fresh dumpling filled with pork and chive with scallion and soy sauce, and the Korean Beef with chili-miso, sesame, and pickled Asian pear. These dumplings are made to order, and the honey tangerine lemonade is the perfect beverage to pair and refreshingly tangy. Sophomore Claire Bogart remarked, “Destination Dumpling was for sure one of my favorites that we tried. I am such a huge dumpling fan and have tried a ton of different places, but this was definitely some of the best I’ve ever tried. “ New to Smorgasburg this year, it’s sure to become a fan favorite if not a Smorgasburg staple so make sure to try it out!

Finish off your Smorgasburg experience and satisfy your sugar craving  with a huge and delicious doughnut. Stop by DOUGH, which sells delicious, innovative and creatively flavored doughnuts. Their flavors range from the classic Glazed and Cinnamon Sugar all the way to the more exotic Hibiscus, Passion fruit, and Mocha-Almond Crunch. These delectable doughnuts are only $3.50 for one and $6 for two, and they also have a few locations scattered around New York City. DOUGH is a must-have at Smorgasburg.


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