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Hackley introduces new courses for 2017-2018 school year

By Hannah Urken, Lifestyles Editor


After four years of Ghost Stories and Afraid of Children, the English Department has announced the new English Courses. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Insanity and Gumshoes are both unique courses that will challenge students to think critically and learn to apply theory. Senior English Teacher Mr. Lobko said that “Students should take Gumshoes if they want to compare and contrast modes of seeking the truth”. He also stated that A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Insanity will expose “binaries between normal and abnormal.”


Century of Warfare

This new course is designed to focus on the development of warfare, particularly centered around the era of the First World War. Mr. Fishman is excited to teach a class “that goes more in depth about the people, innovations, and stratagems involved in wars.” He is hoping for his students to get a better understanding of why “warfare developed the way it did, and how technology and new military doctrines influenced and changed the battlefield”.

American Law

American Law aims to explore how law works and learn about what judges and lawyers do. Mr. Bass is excited to teach this new course because “it seems like students don’t have an opportunity in normal history courses to go in depth in law”. Not only did Mr. Bass used to be a lawyer, but he taught this course at his old school and said that it was very successful.

AP Chinese

AP Chinese has finally been added to the Hackley School curriculum after Ms. Wen and Mr. Sheldon proposed the course to the school. Ms. Wen stated that “It’s better to prepare them in the classroom setting then for them to do it on their own”. After having Chinese at Hackley for ten years, she thought that is was “unfair to our students who had taken chinese for such a long time and they didn’t have a course to prepare them to take the exam.” Students should take this course if they are ready to move at a fast pace and learn about both the language and culture.

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Hackley introduces new courses for 2017-2018 school year