Six varsity teams compete in spring 2017 NYSAIS


Credit: Benjy Renton

Although they didn’t win, Hackley Girls’ Varsity walked off the field with smiles and laughter, celebrating the end of an amazing season and looking forward to an even better one next year.

By Alexi Sandhu, Online Editor

Six of our eight varsity sport teams made it to NYSAIS this year with Boys’ Golf and Boys’ Track and Field both taking home the Championship! Our athletes have been putting in countless time and energy to get where they are with the support of their family and friends. Congratulations to Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse, Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse, Varsity Boys’ Baseball, Varsity Girls’ Softball, Varsity Girls’ and Boys’ Track & Field, and Varsity Boys’ Golf! Also, many thanks to everyone who made the effort to support Hackley teams! Come and support the athletes!

Check out the final brackets from NYSAIS here:

*note: as of May 27th, NYSAIS has not yet uploaded the complete scores for Boys’ Golf.



Boys’ Lacrosse

Girls’ Lacrosse

Check out Track and Field’s individual and school scores here:

Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field

Finally, check out the previous winners and record-holders here:

*note: 2017 winners not yet uploaded

Past Champions

Track and Field Championship Records

Take a look at these amazing photos taken by Benjy Renton!

Boys’ Lacrosse Finals

Boys’ Lacrosse Semifinals

Boys’ Lacrosse Quarterfinals

Girls’ Lacrosse Finals

Girls’ Lacrosse Semifinals

Girls’ Lacrosse Quarterfinals

Baseball Semifinals

Baseball Quarterfinals



Thursday, May 25th

(Away) – At the Sunningdale golf course, Boys’ Golf battled it out from the tee to the green for the NYSAIS tournament. Despite the muggy weather, the boys left the course as NYSAIS winners beating out Rye Country Day School by 2 stokes!

Wednesday, May 24th

(Away) – At ICAHN stadium on Randall’s Island, was Boys’ Track and Field who scored the NYSAIS championship, beating out Rye Country Day School by half a point with a score 121.5 – 121! The cherry on top of an amazing win was when junior Onye Ohia-Enjia broke the NYSAIS record for the Boys’ 400 meter dash with a time of 48.98 seconds!

(Away) – Also at ICAHN Stadium, was Girls’ Track and Field who fought hard that day, losing to Poly Prep 146-112.5 but still winning second place in NYSAIS championship. However Hackley did make history that day when graduating senior, Ivie Uzamere, broke the NYSAIS record for Girls’ Discus throw with a score 108-00.

4:30 – 5:30 p.m. (Away) – Boys’ Lacrosse faced off at Manhattanville College that afternoon against strong rival first seed Rye Country Day School in the NYSAIS finals. Unfortunately, RCDS having faced defeat against Hackley last year, bounced back and won just barely with a score of 7 – 6 leaving Hackley as the runner-up in the NYSAIS finals.

1:30 – 2:30 p.m. (Away) – Girl’s Lacrosse played first seed Holy Child at the final NYSAIS match on Wednesday. It was a close match with a score of 7-5 at halftime with Hackley in the lead. However, Holy Child snagged the win in the second half with a score of 16 – 13 taking the NYSAIS championship with them with Hackley as the runner-up.

Come support our athletes and seniors as they play their final matches this season at Manhattanville College this afternoon! Hackley is providing a fanbus last period today for all who want to attend!


Tuesday, May 23rd

3:30 p.m. (Home) – In an unfortunate turn of events, Boys’ Baseball lost against seventh seed Horace Mann, who won but only barely, with a final score of 5 – 4. The boys played hard, but sadly didn’t advance to the NYSAIS finals. Poly Prep beat Horace Mann the next day to become the NYSAIS champion.


Monday, May 22nd

3:30 p.m. (Home) – Boys’ Lacrosse played seventh seed Fieldston in the NYSAIS semifinals and despite the rain, came out on top, with a final score 12 – 8. Boys’ Lacrosse will be advancing to the NYSAIS finals!

3:30 p.m. (Home) – Girls’ Lacrosse faced rival Rye Country Day, placed third seed, on the field Monday afternoon. In a tense game, Hackley ultimately won with a close 14 – 11 leaving RCDS in the dust during the NYSAIS semifinals!


Saturday, May 20th

(Home) – Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse placed in the third seed and won 10 – 5 against sixth seed Horace Mann in the NYSAIS quarterfinals!

(Home) – Varsity Boys’ Baseball also placed in third and defeated sixth seed Collegiate 6 – 0 in the quarterfinals!

(Home) – Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse placed in second seed and won 18 – 8 Chapin in the seventh seed in the NYSAIS quarterfinals!

11:00 a.m. (Away) – Varsity Girls’ Softball placed in the seventh seed, but unfortunately lost 10-0 against second seed Poly Prep in the quarterfinals. Fieldston eventually won the championship on Wednesday.


Friday, May 19th

(Home) – Varsity Girls’ Softball defeated Sacred Heart 10 – 0 to place in the seventh seed for NYSAIS!