Look no farther than Tarrytown for the best burger restaurants


By Sofia Graziano, Julia Thomson, and Jordan Miller


Price- $ (can vary)

Overall: 4.5/5

Little B’s is a smaller, casual family-friendly restaurant with a customizable burger menu. It had a homey and comfortable ambiance, with outside seating. The waitress was approachable and kind, giving us insight into the most popular orders and best toppings to try. We ordered an Angus beef burger on a brioche bun with cheddar cheese, honey sriracha bacon, caramelized onions lettuce and tomato. Little’s B’s is known for their truffle fries and special sauces, namely the Little B’s BBQ, Chipotle Mayo and Chipotle Ketchup.



Price- $$

Overall- 4/5

Rivermarket is a more upscale dining experience, better for a birthday dinner than before a game or coffeehouse. They are known for their brunch, high-quality food, and fresh produce. It has a beautiful location overlooking the Hudson River, with a lot of seating both outside and inside, and modern decor. In addition, there is a small market and bakery located by the entrance of the restaurant. We ordered their classic Hemlock Hill burger, with grass-fed beef, mountain smokehouse bacon, house-made pickles, aioli, and cheddar on an Eli’s brioche bun. The bread served at the beginning was a great introduction to the meal and was still warm from the oven. Overall, the service was very fast, and our food arrived quickly.


Price- $

Overall- 3.5/5

Tarry Tavern is an American style restaurant inspired by a traditional farmhouse with a family atmosphere. We ordered the TT Wagyu Burger which consisted of a beef patty with bacon-onion jam, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and onion. This classic burger would be a safe choice, however, did not stand out as anything special. The jam paired nicely with the cheddar cheese, but their fries were not as crunchy, fresh or flavorful as the other restaurants, although, for the price, the meal was adequate. The burger arrived in a timely manner, fresh off the grill. Located in the center of Main Street, Tarry Tavern is very convenient and includes some outdoor seating for a casual and authentic American dinner or lunch.