Community Council finds creative new ways to raise more funds

By Tyler O'brien, Staff Writer

On the hilltop, Community Council is faced with the daunting task of raising their own funds. Representatives can be found throughout the hallways on any given day, selling anything from raffles tickets to baked goods in an attempt to raise the necessary funds. Be it selling turkey grams, or parking spot raffle tickets, Council is tasked with finding creative ways to make money.

Without sufficient funds, they would not be able to put together many of the school events and ideas Council members promised. Upper school Council funds come from the community itself. Tenth grade class president Ben Marra explained that all of the money raised goes towards Council sponsored events, namely movie nights, Snowball, grade events, and bonfires.

According to faculty advisor Mr. McLay, 40-50 percent goes to Snowball, with the rest going to events like Spirit Week, Movie Nights, random giveaways, and grade events. For example, the last movie night cost around $180. The Community Council is off to a great start to the year with their fundraising; less than half way through this school year, they have already raised $1800, $600 more than what was raised the entirety of the year before.

This increase is owing to higher sales at both the concession stands, and T-shirt sales. Community Council received a fundraising boost during the fall, when they received a grant from the HPA to buy a grill for night games. Owning a grill has allowed Council to generate more money from the concession stands during games, along with eliminating the cost of grill rentals.

Community Council money has two places where they keep the money raised; they have an account that is set up with the school, and keep cash in their cash box in case they needed. These accounts are used to reimburse members of Council when purchase items needed for school events.

Mr. McLay is tasked with managing these accounts. He holds the cash box, makes the deposits in the account, and requests checks. Despite what many would think, these tasks do not fall onto the treasurer. The Secretary Treasurer’s duties fall more on the Secretary side, as his primary obligation are maintaining attendance and notes from meetings, and helping with communications.