Sophomores participate in First Friday activities without access to their cellphones


Credit: Sophie Thomas

Sophomores travelled to a nature preserve for their First Friday activities. Such activities included hiking through the woods and using compasses and maps to travel about through the preserve.

By Sophie Thomas and Hadley Chapman

Coming back to school after summer can be a rude awakening for some, and the sophomore class First Friday trip was a perfect way for students to disconnect from school work and to reconnect with peers. Sophomore students spent their First Friday at Teatown Lake Reservation, a nature preserve in Ossining, New York.

Students participated in two sessions in the morning. One session involved an educational hike around the Teatown lake where students learned about the different animals at Teatown through their traces.

The second activity was a map and compass course. Students learned how to use a compass with a map, and they then applied their skills on a course through the woods. Students were given a map and a compass, and, using clues they found on trees, they found their next target.

It was required that students leave their phones at school. This no phone rule allowed students to immerse themselves in their activities and to stay focused on the tasks at hand. No phones also let students bond more in their groups.

Students also used disposable cameras to capture moments throughout the day. Each advisory was given a camera capable of taking 27 photos, and was given a few suggestions about what the subjects of their photos should be. There were silly subjects like best animal pose and best tree huggers as well as others that related to nature.

All in all, the trip to Teatown set a great tone for the year; it reconnected students and served as an educational and enjoyable day in nature.