Senior Matthew Braver’s diligent preparation helps him lead the boys soccer team


Credit: Katy Robertson

Senior Mattew Braver looks for a pass from his teammate. Braver has scored more than eighteen goals this season. He is a center midfielder and a captain.

By Cole Wyman, Sports Editor

Known as “the chosen one” and savior of the Hackley Soccer program by his teammates, Mathew Braver verbally committed to Bowdoin University this past summer.

The four year starter and two year Captain has scored 40 goals throughout three seasons including a sophmore year where he sat out most of the year with a stress fracture in his leg, yeah these Hackley classes sure are tough.

Although Braver’s success in soccer is undeniable, it is hard work, not just good looks, that has gotten him to this point. Outside of school, Braver plays for NYSC (New York Soccer Club), a local high level soccer club.

During the winter they practice three times a week and play in around three major tournaments throughout the winter.

During the spring they continue to practice three times a week but play one or two games on the weekend. He attends big tournaments in Florida and in Texas with his club teams and plays in national showcases in front of college coaches.

Braver doesn’t spend his summers vacationing and relaxing, but rather spends them constantly attending different high intensity soccer camps at colleges in order to get valuable playing time in front of college coaches. These camps are beneficial for Braver because they allow him to see what programs he likes so be can make an informed decision.

In order to ensure his body remains in shape for the physical battles he engages in every time he touches the pitch, Braver works out multiple times a week and does Pilates because it “helps prevent injuries and rejuvenates the body.”

Before a big game, Braver’s pregame meal is a bacon special with hot sauce from the Wedge, a local deli in Tarrytown. He also proclaims himself “A big Gatorade Chew fan because they taste good” and give him energy for the long ninety minute games.

Braver’s college decision came down to his own values. Although Matt believes a big Division 1 school could offer a lot pride and soccer glory in competing for the Division 1 championship, Braver wants to appreciate his time at college, citing “trips abroad” as something he could do at a Division 3 program with a with a smaller practice and overall team commitment. Matt sees more to life than just soccer, and will hopefully see a lot of success at Bowdoin next year.