The Dial transitions to new publishing formats

After a period of many years, the staff of the Dial will revise the style of its print edition from a tabloid format to a full-color, magazine-style publication.

The staff plans to publish the Dial magazine three times a year, with the distribution of each new issue scheduled to coincide with the end of each trimester.

This plan offers the staff opportunities to conduct in-depth reporting for articles and to increase its online presence.

“It’s a way for us to keep the quality of the writing high, if not even higher, increase the output of our online website, while also recognizing that students also have other commitments and they need manageable deadlines,” said Michael Bass, an advisor to the Dial.

Mr. Bass said, “more and more people are getting their news online, so the notion that we would emphasize our paper over the website doesn’t seem to be viable anymore.”

The Dial’s website debuted eight years ago and has grown rapidly since, adding social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Bass and co-adviser Anne Budlong hope the changes will allow the online edition to be even stronger.

At the same time, by allowing writers to conduct deeper reporting and more revision over the course of a trimester, the advisors hope to improve the already good quality of the articles.

“We don’t look at this as fixing a problem – the Dial is an award-winning paper,” Mr. Bass said, “We look at it as a way to bring the Dial fully into the 21st century and build on its strengths.”

With the new format for the print edition also comes a new structure for the staff of the Dial, with Editors-in-Chief, Managing Editors and Social Media Managers overseeing each edition.

A Design Editor and Photography Editor will be added to the staff to lead the visual aspects of both the print and online publications. Staff writers will have opportunities to have their work published both in print and on the Dial’s website.