Chinese class field trip leads to new culinary discoveries

In Flushing, Queens there is a neighborhood reminiscent of a Chinese city, which today high schoolers in the Chinese program got to explore. At the J mart supermarket, the students did a scavenger hunt searching for Chinese fruits, vegetables, noodles, candies, and buns. The students also bought a variety of Chinese candies, treats, and sodas.

Sophomore Anthony Pizzolato said, “The scavenger hunt was really interesting because the foods we saw weren’t like anything you see in an American grocery store.”

Afterwards, they dined at the Royal Queen, a classic Chinese restaurant at the top of the mall. There, students ordered a variety of dishes ranging from chicken feet and pig intestine to soup dumplings and red bean paste buns, enjoying the Dim Sum experience.

Many were intrigued by the food that was so different than what was served in an Americanized Chinese restaurant. Junior Jimin Jung said “ I think being exposed to Chinese food and culture when I was very young helped me to be more open to and not be as surprised at the food like some of my friends were. I do understand where they are coming from, however, because some of the dishes were definitely out of the ordinary like chicken feet.”