COVID-19 Cancels Spring Sports


COVID-19 has had a lasting effect on the sports world, causing a shutdown. The virus has had the same effect on schools, finding its way into the Hackley community and more specifically, the Hackley sports community.

Local alarm regarding the coronavirus first came about in early spring. At this early stage, almost no one thought it would have the effect that it has had on the world, causing virtually everything to take a halt. As the virus spread more to our local area, Hackley decided to temporarily close school, but sports had not been affected just yet. The Ivy League decided to cancel the 2020 spring sports seasons on April 2 weeks after school had been suspended.

This decision brought about mixed reactions throughout the community. Students both agreed and disagreed with this decision, being disappointed with the loss of their sports season but understanding the circumstances at hand.

The seniors have been heavily affected by the virus and it has taken its toll on sports. This decision especially disappointed them because this is their last opportunity to play Hackley sports and be a member of a Hackley sports team. Unfortunately, the virus ended these plans for them and it has had a hard impact on those who were looking forward to their last season.

The Boys Lacrosse team was looking forward to their season, coming off of an NYSAIS championship win just last year. The Ivy League’s decision especially devastated seniors Liam Murphy and Conor McMahon.

“I think it has gotten harder over time because it took a while to sink in how devastating it really was. I didn’t know I had been as excited as I was until this happened,” McMahon said.

The feeling was also mutual for the whole team when they heard the disappointing news. Seniors like McMahon were shocked and saddened that the season had to come to an end so soon.

Melissa Stanek, coach of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team said that their team is trying to involve seniors in their online team meetings.

“We really wanted to find ways for seniors to have a voice and have a leadership role,” Stanek said. The coaches in this difficult time attempt to give the seniors leadership roles to fulfill the roles they would usually have during the season. Unfortunately, the seniors do not get a chance to take this leadership out on the field but the coaches are attempting to make them feel the same way.

The canceling of the spring season greatly affects younger students as well. While not only in the emotional way of feeling disappointed, this decision greatly affects those attempting to be recruited for sports. The recruiting process has taken a big delay with many summer plans of showcases and camps being postponed for months. Sophomore Logan Mueller is in the midst of the recruitment process for lacrosse. However, his summer plans involving showcases with his club team have taken a halt.

“Practices have been delayed a couple of weeks and we’re struggling to find a venue for practice because most fields are closed. All tournaments are now one month or two months postponed with a possibility of cancellation. A lot of colleges are canceling their summer camps and prospect days with a lot of others close to canceling but still holding out,” said Mueller.

Many athletes like Mueller are experiencing the same events due to the virus already canceling summer sports plans.

In the meantime, spring teams are having virtual zoom meetings to keep interaction between teammates going in order to bond as a team during this difficult time. The teams aim to have two meetings per week and attempt to find ways to bond with teammates through fun events over Zoom. Currently, the Boys Lacrosse team is doing a scavenger hunt in teams as a fun activity to stay connected. The Girls Lacrosse team is doing color war activities as well.