Musical Theater Seminar Performs ‘Into the Woods’

Last weekend, Hackley’s musical theatre seminar performed Into the Woods on the staircase overlooking Akin Common. Despite challenges of social distancing, unpredictable weather, and restricted space, Hackley actors rose to the task and had an amazing performance. Into The Woods covers a collage of childhood stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White in an engaging and funny experience. The students creatively overcame their limited space and numbers through quick costume changes and inventive props. Sophomore Ella Rodriguez, who played the Baker’s wife, said, “I was so glad for the opportunity to be in the play since it’s always a highlight of my year. Even though it was hard to navigate the outdoor stage after having been inside all year, we made it work. Despite facing difficult weather like wind, cold, and intense heat, we still put on a great show, and I’m really grateful we were able to do that.”