Spring Coffeehouse Features New Performers

Credit: Nicky Wind
Junior, Cammy Jung, performs a solo.

A few weeks ago, the Hackley community came together to celebrate the musical talents of its students at the Spring Coffeehouse. The night featured several performers from ninth grade to twelfth, all showcasing their vocal, instrumental, and dancing abilities. The audience was transported on a vibrant musical journey, enjoying a variety of songs ranging from “Dos Oruguitas,” by Sebastián Yatra to “Cigarette Daydreams,” by the band Cage the Elephant. The hosts of the night, Dechhen Sherpa and Maren McCrossan, kept the crowd laughing with bad jokes and rap battles in between performances.

“The band did a great job backing up many of the singers, and it was really incredible to see all the performers. I didn’t even know that some of them were so musically talented until I heard them singing at the Coffeehouse!” said sophomore Thomas Troso.

This Spring Coffeehouse was also a bittersweet one. For many seniors under the tent that night, it was their final performance and viewing experience. At the end of the event, twelfth graders and their dean, Melissa Stanek, joined arms on the stage and sang a final song to celebrate each other and the friendships they made during their years at Hackley.