Fall Spirit Week 2022

Sophomores Donia Karandikar, Maggie Yalmokas, and Alessia Sorvillo show their school spirit by wearing all black. Standing towards the back of the crowd did not stop them from cheering loudly for the boy’s varsity soccer team.

Spirit week, led by the community council during the second week of school, brought the student body together after summer break. Students participated in different dress-ups, building excitement gradually until the week ended with a blackout for the Sting.

Monday kicked off with “Anything but a Backpack Day” and many students got creative with it. For example, sophomore Hailey Won brought her shower caddy to school for the day and Junior Aiden Wasserman brought a cat carrier.

Tuesday was “Sports/Jersey Day” and many people showed up to school supporting their favorite sports team. Senior Sophia Petriello showed her support to the Yankees and Sophomore Zora Teacher wore a Giants jersey. Students and faculty also supported teams from countries their parents and other relatives were from. For example, Ben Iaderosa wore a Napoli soccer jersey, supporting the soccer team in Naples, Italy.

Wednesday was “Lazy Sunday” and many people came to school in pajamas and sweatpants. Seniors even visited their college counselors in their comfortable pajamas. Lazy Sunday had one of the stronger turnouts amongst the student body and most enjoyed an excuse to wear comfortable clothes to school.

Thursday was “Throwback Thursday” and several students came to school dressed as their favorite 90’s characters. Sophomores Mika Nuzum and Mia Alukal came to school dressed as Adam Sandler, wearing pants and shorts too big with an oversized t-shirt and jacket. Some also took inspiration from his accessories and wore backwards hats.

Lastly, Friday’s dress-up was a “blackout” for the annual Fall Sting and many students wore black clothing, used eyeblack, and more black decorations to show their school spirit. This dress-up had the biggest turnout of the week. The game ended with Hackley victorious over Horace Mann 3-1.