Convocation 2022

Hackley students and faculty gather at Akin Common for Convocation.

As a new school year began, the Hackley community came together on Akin Common for Convocation. Convocation is a K-12 gathering to celebrate the start of a new school year. After two years of the event being over Zoom, Hackley finally got the chance to kick off the beginning of the academic year in person.

The occasion began with Head of School Michael Wirtz giving a warm welcome back to returning members of the school, as well as new members who joined the Hackley community. He then introduced the chorus,including students from the Lower through Upper School, before they sang the Hackley Alma Mater.

Student Council President Steven Li then spoke to the school about encouraging people to try something new. Steven encouraged students, particularly the younger students to “Take advantage of what Hackley has to offer and discover activities that you never had thought you may end up enjoying.” He then wrapped up his speech with the hope that everyone tries something new, and that fear does not get in the way of the great things that we can all do.

Mr. Wirtz then continued his annual tradition of six years, and selected a picture book titled, “Trying,” by Kobi Yamada, and related it to the core values of the Hackley community. The book focused on a young boy who never thought he would be able to make a sculpture as great as the artist, and his numerous attempts at trying to make something nearly as good. It centers around failure and how if you let fear get in the way before trying you will never know if you could have done something great.

Mr. Wirtz related this back to his own experience as Head of School and wondered “How do I do it?”, like many of us have done when we are approached with something new. He reminded students and faculty that we should find support around each other, and how we should take risks and try new things so that we can grow to our full potential. He then ended his speech by reminding everyone to share the same grace and support of those around us, before ending the event with everyone cheering “Go Hack!”.