Science Department Welcomes New Chemistry Teacher

Students get set up to do their first lab. Accelerated Chemistry students will be applying what they learned in the first few weeks of school to their lab.

After 16 years of teaching at a variety of different independent schools, Ms. Bethea has joined the Hackley community as a Chemistry and Accelerated Chemistry teacher. Prior to working at Hackley, she taught a wide range of science classes including Chemistry, Forensics, AP, and regular Biology.

While contributing to the Science Department, Ms. Bethea is eager to immerse herself in Hackley clubs and connect with the students’ interests.

Ms. Bethea heard of Hackley while working at Trinity school in New York City but never looked into it. She said, “I think the first time I actually opened the website and read about the mission statement and all of that stuff was probably September of last year when I was looking for a new job.”

When asked if she was ever a working scientist she stated “I did some research when I was in college and in Grad school but I never was a working scientist.” She participated in some chemistry and biomedical research in a summer graduate program.

Her interest in chemistry stemmed from her father’s job as a pharmacist. Ms. Bethea confessed that she always used this fact as an excuse for help with her homework. She said, “It came easily to me compared to some other subjects so I always felt that I was good at it.”