New Year, New Clubs

The club fair revealed the seventy-two new clubs students and teachers have created for the ‘22-’23 school year. This year’s club fair held on the quad was lively with music and busy tables promoting signups and giving out sweet treats. A large number of clubs this year have been created targeting a wide representation of cultures, sciences, activities, and subjects.

Sophomores Aran Basu and Andre Reichelsdorfer created the French Conversational Club.

“We don’t do much speaking in our actual French classes. We are often practicing grammar, vocab, and sentence structure and we aren’t really focusing on fluency. Our goal is to talk about things that we are actually interested in but in french to improve fluency,” Aran said.

At the club fair, you could find Andre rallying people for sign-ups and Aran explaining the inspiration and importance of the club to viewers at their table.

Sophomore Jimmy Muslomani is the founder of the Hackley STEM Club along with sophomore co-leaders Alicia Zhu, Rafa Castro, and Vivek Malik.

“Our goal is to spread topics in STEM that we find interesting throughout the community in a thoughtful and meaningful way,” Jimmy said.

STEM club is a platform for topics in specifically physics, computer science, and math to be discussed during monthly meetings. The club created a website for members to learn more and attract viewers, as well as a logo to draw people to their assigned tables at the club fair.

“I’m a part of the Independent Science Research program here at Hackley and we present science through presentations,” Jimmy said. “We want to encourage our participants to present any ideas around STEM that they are curious and interested in through presentations to us leaders and our members.”

Many students partner with community service organizations around the area and connect the student body to the services through clubs. Senior Jack Magidson created the Neighbors Link Club this year to encourage Hackley students to use their Spanish skills and help those who don’t speak English fluently in the Westchester area.

“The goal of the club is to work with people in the ESL community in different parts of Westchester and take Hackley students that speak and are learning Spanish to use their Spanish knowledge and help people learn English that come from different areas and countries,” Jack said.

Similar to Jack’s club, freshmen Ben Iaderosa created a new club this year called C-TIM.

“The aim of this club is to introduce and teach topics of STEM to students and families from the Washington Irving school that don’t speak English very well,” Ben said. “We want to create the same opportunities we have at Hackley for those with more challenges due to English being their second language.”

The club fair has shown the depth and excitement Hackley students have around clubs. From community service to sharing cultures, clubs new and old are the perfect way to get students engaged and involved in learning beyond the typical classroom environment.