Drama Society Performs ‘The Tempest’

William Teacher opening up the school play “The Tempest” and giving the backstory of all the hard work and effort that went into the astounding performance.

The lights go up, the first lines are spoken, and the actors appear on stage. After months of practicing lines, rehearsals, and preparing sets and equipment, Hackley’s Drama Society finally performed “The Tempest.” The play had great energy from both the stage and the audience, and it really brought the story to life.

The play, directed by drama teacher William Teacher, is based on the original Shakespeare play, “The Tempest.” It follows a man, Prospero, who conjures a storm to torment the survivors of a shipwreck, including the King of Naples and Prospero’s brother, Antonio. As the story moves along, it also follows the forbidden love story from the king’s son and Prospero’s daughter, Ferdinand, and Miranda. The play has many twists, including an ultimate dance party, and ends with Prospero’s spirit, Ariel, finally being set free and leaving the island.

The play was filled with joy, adventure, mischief, and most of all so much support from all the actors, tech team, and director. The performers ranged from freshman students all the way to seniors which created new friendships and hundreds of memories that they will keep throughout the rest of high school.

“It was a crazy, emotional experience for me. It’s the biggest part of my life at Hackley even though it’s such a small chunk of the year” sophomore Angela Croce, who played the role of Miranda said.

In addition to the actors enjoying their experience, the audience seemed to have just as much of an amazing time watching their classmates and friends perform.

“It was really funny,” sophomore Lily Adams said, “They had lots of good, strong lines that were added in that made the show really interesting to watch. The last scene was especially powerful.”