The Well in the Johnson Center Reopens

Along with the introduction of new foods with the reopening of the Well, they have also invested in new machinery that is able to provide students with a larger array of different options to choose from. For example, the new coffee and espresso machines have made it possible for customers to be able to purchase an assortment of coffee drinks. Also, in addition to the expensive choices, the Well always has different fruits on hand, that students can pick up on the go for free.

Life without the Well on the Hilltop had not been easy; going to and leaving sports hungry, only eating the junk food sold at the Tuck Shop, and not getting the proper fuel our body needs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, with the decline of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Well was finally able to make its grand reopening on October 31st, and it has left students with varying opinions.
Whether people are saying that the Well’s prices are too expensive or just right, it is a fact that the Well’s prices are higher than those at the Tuck. After talking with students from various grades, it has become clear that many think that the Well is just too expensive.
Freshman Andrew Carpenito said, “It’s really expensive, the Hornet [sandwich] is like eight dollars. It’s really out of my budget.” He also said that he only eats there about once a week, but will take the free apples that are available. Adding on, he appreciates the fact that the Well has more meals compared to the Tuck which only really sells chips and snacks.
The range of prices of items sold at the Well is wide, with the most expensive item coming in at $8.00 including The Protein Snack, consisting of grilled chicken, hummus, olives, pita bread, and locally sourced vegetables. It is clear that the Well focuses on the quality of the food they are serving since they use locally sourced produce and makes sure their snacks are packed with protein and other nutrients. Although many people consider $8.00 an outrageous price for food being sold at school, it is without a doubt that the food is composed of healthy ingredients.
Regarding the Well’s prices and its quality, sophomore India Davis-Hanessian said, “The quality of the food at the Well makes the price worth it.” The cheapest things on the menu are the bananas, apples, and clementines being sold for free. This makes the Well a good resource for a quick “pick-me-up” before and after attending rigorous practices.
Although the Well is affiliated with Flik and made a name for itself when it first opened five years ago, the comparisons between the Well and the HPA Tuck Shop are endless. The Tuck Shop is a hotspot for students during frees and breaks where the average price for snacks is just $1.00. It is perfect to hang out with friends in because of its many tables and its location right under the Arch.
Sophomore Philip Mahamedi stated that “If they’re gonna give us food at the Johnson Center they should make it cheaper because I might as well just go to the Tuck.” This opinion is shared vastly among the student body which makes it very harmful. Because of this mindset, students become more inclined to purchase the unhealthy options sold at the Tuck because of their low prices. This ends up being disadvantageous to students, especially student-athletes since they are filling their bodies with unhealthy foods that do not fuel them properly nor prepare them for rigorous practices.
Apart from the fact that the Well has high prices, its hours can also be very impractical for those who play varsity sports. The idea of being able to get out of practice and be able to enjoy a nice snack to fulfill your hunger from a rigorous practice is very appealing. However, due to its closing time at 5:00 p.m., the Well becomes very inaccessible to those who end practice late. This then leads to student-athletes going home hungry.