Students Opinion on a New Head of School


With the news of Head of School Michael Wirtz leaving after this school year, students have experienced mixed emotions. Students have varied opinions on how the search process should work and what characteristics are needed in a head of school. 

The first thing to consider when looking for a new head of school is if students should have any involvement in the search process. Senior Aidan Aybar thinks that student input is incredibly important in the search for a new head of school. 

“At the end of the day, we are the ones being educated, and are most impacted by the decisions made by the Head of School,” said Aidan. 

As the search commences, faculty working on the search have asked for opinions and feedback from members of the Community Council, including Aidan, and other members of the Hackley community.  

Junior Jake Byrne disagrees; he thinks that students do not need to be involved with the search process. 

“Students do not have enough resources or information on what the best fit of principal the school is looking for,” Jake said.

In order to be a successful and effective head of school, certain qualities are imperative for the person to have. Aidan said that one of his favorite things about Mr. Wirtz is “his unique devotion to how we treat one another at Hackley.” Aidan thinks that the next head of school should have this similar devotion and attention to the way members of the Hackley community treat each other. Jake thinks it is important for the new Head of School to be innovative, kind, accessible, and a good leader. 

In order to ensure a smooth transition for the new head of school, many things must be done. Aidan thinks that if the candidate has not worked at Hackley in the past, it is essential for them to familiarize themselves with the community at Hackley and spend an adequate amount of time on campus. 

“They obviously need to be informed about all projects and objectives underway to keep Hackley running as it runs,” said Aidan. 

Another important part of the role of a head of school is staying in tune with student issues. Most students appreciate when the head of school is involved in student life. Although the head of school definitely has a lot on their plate, a priority should be interacting with the students at the school. 

Some other students have said that they barely know or see our current head of school and are unclear on the full duties of their role. Some students said that although there are a lot of students, it would be nice for the principal to know their names or at least be more involved in student life. 

Junior Caroline Didden thinks that it is very important for a head of school to be in tune with student affairs. 

“I don’t know what the role of head of school fully entails, but I think it is important that the head of school draws more of a connection between themselves and their students. This is important in order to prove to members of the Hackley community that they are proactive in making Hackley the best place it can possibly be,” Caroline said.