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The voice of the student body

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The voice of the student body

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New Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Herlihy

Credit: Gabriella Petriello
Ms. Herlihy helps kids overcome learning disabilities. At Hackley, she works with Upper School students in the learning center in Goodhue. She is excited to meet and work with the Upper School students this upcoming year.

“Helping students with learning differences know they are still capable and as smart as everyone else is my favorite part of this job,” said Jennifer Herlihy, the newest Upper School learning specialist.

Ms. Herlihy is an easygoing and very understanding individual who has been working as a learning specialist for three years. She supports students who may have types of learning disabilities such as ADHD and dyslexia. She also helps students with organizational skills and creating new study habits.

Ms. Herlihy, who has previously worked at the Dalton School in New York City as a high school learning specialist, mentioned that she wanted to work with high school students.

Prior to being a learning specialist, she worked as a speech pathologist 20 years ago, working with preschoolers. She then worked with elementary students with speech and language disabilities.

Her favorite profession so far has been working as a learning specialist for high school students. In her current role, the organizational skills she helps students with consist of creating a plan for the week, including upcoming assignments and tests. She is able to work with multiple students and use similar strategies while adapting and changing them based on different individuals.

In addition to her work with students, Ms. Herlihy enjoys working collaboratively with other teachers because she is able to bounce ideas off of them and see new perspectives on situations.

While her work is very rewarding, there are significant challenges in working with students who are struggling.

“Working with students who are falling behind and need extra help, but refuse to accept help is one of the most difficult situations while working with students,” Ms. Herlihy said.

In addition, she has had to adjust to a new school culture. Ms. Herhily shared how the Dalton lifestyle is very different compared to her new Hackley lifestyle in terms of location and population.

“Hackley is a smaller school, with more of a country setting and fewer students. I am able to spend more time with each student,” Ms. Herhily said. However, she did note that the students from both Hackley and Dalton are hard workers, and look to succeed.

Ms. Herlihy’s room is located in Goodhue 110 and is in the process of being renovated to create a more welcoming, comfortable, and inviting environment. There will be a lounge area for students to hang out and snacks. Ms. Herlihy is a very helpful teacher who is welcoming to all students.

She wants to make every student feel the same no matter what challenges they have.

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