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The voice of the student body

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The voice of the student body

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Recap of HackMun 2023

Recap of HackMun 2023

By Sejal Virk, Staff Writer April 4, 2023

This past Saturday, campus was buzzing with delegates, committees, and debate for Hackley’s annual Model UN conference. The club, also known as HackMun club, spent months planning for this conference...

Having A Ball: Students Enjoy First Snowball in Four Years

Having A Ball: Students Enjoy First Snowball in Four Years

By Emily Koch, Editor-In-Chief February 21, 2023

Under the colorful flashing lights within the Zetkov gymnasium, students of all grade levels cast their notes and upcoming assignments away in exchange for a stress-free night at this year’s Snowball....

The acapella group waited for a signal from their leader to begin singing. They sang a variety of songs that touched the crowd in different ways. Some students even explained that the performance got them emotional.

Shades of Yale: Spreading a Message Through Harmony

By Giulia Sorvillo, Staff Writer February 1, 2023

On Friday, January 20th, Shades of Yale, an acapella group, visited the Upper and Middle schools to put on a performance in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  The acapella group consists of Yale...

Dr. Robert Alexander speaks to junior families about the college admissions process. He polls the audience to see whether students feel anxious or excited about this time, or even both. The meeting was held at 7:00pm on January 3rd in Allen Hall.

Junior Family College Night

By Ashley Currie, News Editor January 9, 2023

Besides meeting once a cycle for the Intro to College class, the Class of 2024 kicked off the college process by attending a family night meeting with Dr. Robert Alexander - Dean of Admissions, Financial...

The girls basketball team celebrates winning the championship. The girls defeated Columbia Prep by the score of 77-66.

Tipping off the Basketball Season

By Caleb Bae, Events Editor January 3, 2023

Looking to start their season off with two wins, the boys and girls varsity basketball teams entered the Columbia Prep Tip-Off Tournament. This small tournament consisted of four teams: Columbia Prep,...

Mr. King is speaking to prospective families and outlining the course of the day for the Open House. Some other speakers included Mr. Wirtz, Ms. Jean, Ms. OCallaghan, and Ms. Hicks-Rotella.

Open House Welcomed Prospective Upper School Students

By Ashley Currie, News Editor November 14, 2022

Hackley was buzzing with a large influx of families who were now able to experience the full range of traditional Open House events that have been put on hold because of Covid-19. The Johnson Center...

The Hackley girls varsity soccer team has 9 graduating seniors this year. To reflect on their growth at Hackley, they hold their baby photos. The seniors played an amazing last Dave Allison game with 2 seniors having goals and 1 having an assist.

“Alumni Weekend: Hackley Welcomes Back Alumni, Dave Allison Game, Rivalry Game”

By Caleb Bae and Maura McGlarry October 31, 2022

“Alumni Weekend: Hackley Welcomes Back Alumni, Dave Allison Game, Rivalry Game” Each year the girls varsity soccer team hosts a game to recognize the late Dave Allison, a phenomenal girls varsity...

Some freshman gather to take a picture. The various colors of their dresses all represent the theme well. They are all smiling and enjoying their first dance as one of the many Upper School activities.

Glowball: A New Twist on Snowball

By Ashley Currie, News Editor May 26, 2022

The long-awaited return of the Snowball is back… with a new twist: Glowball. The school dance returned this year with a slightly different appearance from Snowball 2020. The attire for the dance was...

Cliff Chapman, Asashi Goods, and Ej Regalado enjoy the drop everything and read period, reading books on their computers and finishing assignments.

Ms. Swan brings DEAR to campus

By Caleb Bae, Events Editor May 26, 2022

Hackley participated in a Drop Everything and Read period where students were encouraged to grab a book and read for a free period instead of doing other schoolwork. Ms. Swan proposed the idea with the...

Senior Clare Didden performs her own song Around the Bend. Diddens performance was her first in front of an audience of her original piece.

Live Audience Returns to Winter Coffeehouse

By Griffin Senyek, Events Editor March 7, 2022

Hosts Niky Dhakad and Serina Fasciano led a night full of fun at the Winter Coffeehouse. The night featured ten performances that took the audience through a variety of music, with songs by various artists...

4 seniors dressed up as the Founding Fathers. They used a cardboard cutout of Mount Rushmore to add to the creativity of their costume.

The Halloween Parade Returns

By Griffin Senyek, Events Editor November 1, 2021

Halloween at Hackley was celebrated on October 29th, 2021 with a day full of festivities. Students showed up to school wearing their costumes, with costumes ranging from a vending machine to the Ghostbusters...

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