The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

The voice of the student body

The Dial

Senior Tommy Trosos dog, Cooper, greets many people and walks around the Quad. Cooper enjoys playing fetch with his favorite tennis ball and his owners classmates.

A Furry Surprise

By Samantha Reyes, Managing Editor June 4, 2024

Woof, woof! Focused on writing your history research paper, you keep hearing a familiar noise in the library. Barking? You look up and see your favorite senior, Tommy Troso, and his dog Cooper wagging...

Distinguished Yale Professor Delivers Lecture to Upper School

Distinguished Yale Professor Delivers Lecture to Upper School

By Charlie Perlman, Editor-In-Chief May 29, 2024

Why would one of the most famous constitutional law scholars who is highly cited by the Supreme Court take the time to speak at a high school? For Akhil Amar, the answer is simple: educating young people...

On April 19th, Managing Assistant for Performing Arts and Director of Music Institute, Dylan Chalfy, opened the 2024 Spring Coffeehouse in Zetkov Athletic Center. Mr. Chalfy thanked everyone who helped make coffeehouse possible before a night full of talent began.

The Magic of Spring Coffeehouse Lingers on the Hilltop

By Alessia Sorvillo, Chief Design Editor May 11, 2024

Amidst the clapping hands, cheers, colorful stage lights, and laughs, some of Hackley’s most talented performers sang their hearts out as students, faculty, and families joined together in the Zetkov...

Seniors gather on Pickert Field to look up at the solar eclipse and experience the phenomenon together. They are wearing ISO-certified solar viewing glasses provided by Hackley.

Where Did the Sun Go?

By Samantha Reyes, Opinion Editor April 16, 2024

Taking advantage of the beautiful grounds, many Hackley students scattered around the school on Monday, April 8th, 2024 to view a remarkable phenomenon: a solar eclipse.  A solar eclipse happens...

Spring Into Action

Spring Into Action

By Charlie Perlman, Features Editor April 13, 2024

Many singers of the night were accompanied by students playing on different instruments. Many played on guitars and drums, giving the audience a live version of the songs.

Winter Coffee House

By Bella Edwards and Giulia Sorvillo April 1, 2024

After a long stretch of winter, students came together to celebrate the Winter Coffeehouse that never fails to display the incredible musical talents in the Hackley community. It was unclear at first...

Storylines for Super Bowl 58

Storylines for Super Bowl 58

By Charlie Perlman, Features Editor February 11, 2024

This 2023-2024 NFL season has been full of incredible storylines that have captivated not only American football fans but also international supporters and Taylor Swift fans. After a long journey, the...

Junior Olivia Houck among other students spent their time walking through the installation and taking in all the information. Different grade levels walked through the installation at different times. They began by grabbing a flameless candle and a packet of guiding questions before entering the installation.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

By Giulia Sorvillo, Design Editor of Print February 9, 2024

Michael Gyory looked out at the 10th graders he was meeting with in a Goodhue classroom and asked, “How many of you knew all four of your grandparents?” Most of the students raised their hands. “Well,...

Shabaka Shakur stuck to his truth and was able to right the wrongs in his life. He came to Hackley with the mission to educate Hackley students on the law and their rights. Shakur wants to help others avoid the situation that he went through.

Innocence Project Speaker Shabaka Shakur Rivets Upper School Students at Roundtable

By Charlie Perlman, Features Editor January 12, 2024

Imagine being wrongfully convicted of killing one of your closest friends and then spending the next 27 and a half years in prison paying for a crime you didn’t commit. Your friends, family, and everyone...

Eighth grade Scholars gather at a table making crafts alongside their decorated ornaments. Several different activities were set up for the Scholars to participate in. This Holiday Party is an annual tradition allowing Scholars and their families to connect with Hackley mentors and faculty.

Hudson Scholars Annual Holiday Party

By Ashley Currie, Print Editor-in-Chief January 12, 2024

Where was all the singing, laughter, and joy reverberating from before winter break began? Look no further than the dining hall where members from the Hudson Scholars community gathered for the annual...

These are some of the speakers that spoke at the round table. Everyone had a great time listening and learning about Hispanic Heritage month.

The Hispanic Heritage Roundtable

By Bella Edwards, Feature Editor of Arts November 29, 2023

¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana! The first roundtable for Hispanic Heritage Month took place on October 11th and celebrated what it means to be a Latine. With plenty of delicious food like empanadas...

In the middle of Kyiv, Mr. Klimenko examines a captured Russian tank from the beginning of the conflict.

A Russian victory in Ukraine would destroy democracy

By Charlie Perlman, Features Editor November 28, 2023

If you look closely enough, you can see it. The prevalence of the Russia-Ukraine war is all around us. It is evident in our classrooms, our news, and our daily conversations. As I sat in my 20th Century...

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