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Reactions to Anti-Asian Violence

Reactions to Anti-Asian Violence

By Sophie Thomas, News Editor April 30, 2021

According to NBC News, Anti-Asian hate crimes increased by nearly 150% in 2020, mostly in NY and LA. These crimes have been horrific, mostly involving racial slurs and violent attacks. There was also a...

Hackley School's recorded information of positive pool test results. There is a visible spike in positive cases in the period of and around winter break.

Students Should Follow COVID-19 Protocols during Spring Break

By Sky Safriet March 18, 2021

Spring break for the 2020-2021 academic year is right around the corner, and amid rising levels of vaccination among the U.S. population, lifted restrictions on gathering capacity and mask-wearing in various...

Spring Sports Practices Begin

Spring Sports Practices Begin

By Griffin Senyek, Events Editor March 14, 2021

Even with remnants of snow still remaining on the Hackley campus, spring sports kicked off Tuesday, March 9th. That said, interscholastic competition is still on hold, confirming the cancellation of a...

Brandon Bernard’s Death Illuminates the Question of Bias in the Criminal Justice System

Brandon Bernard’s Death Illuminates the Question of Bias in the Criminal Justice System

By Eki Uzamere, Editor-in-chief January 15, 2021

Brandon Bernard was unjustly put to death by the federal government on Thursday, December 10th, 2020. He was 18 when he, and a gang of others, took part in a robbery that resulted in the murder of youth...

Changes on Campus With Incoming Cold Weather

Changes on Campus With Incoming Cold Weather

By Bella Wasserman January 7, 2021

Winter has arrived on the Hilltop, and so have the problems of managing COVID procedures in colder weather. As we return from break, students should continue to expect changes on campus to help us adapt...

Sophomore Catie O'Rourke hands in her sample. The testing officials are there to log the samples and help scan QR codes, which are used to identify the sample number.

COVID-19 Testing at Hackley

By Chloe Yancovich and Samantha Rowbottom October 16, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic, a new normal comes to the campus. Every Friday, students come into school with a small vial of saliva ready to be pool-tested for COVID-19. After three weeks of pool testing,...

As the remote school schedule shortens the amount of class time spent, many students fear having to continue remote learning into the summer. Workload and less class time than normal are reflected in comparing binder sizes from the previous year.

Academic Material Missed During Remote Learning

By Kami Lim, Opinion Editor July 24, 2020

“Going down to just to classes that are 45 minutes each, I have really tried to cut the curriculum and unfortunately I do not really get to go into depth on topics I am covering with my classes,” Ms....

Students Call Out the Administration's Inaction Toward Recent Events of Racial Injustice

Students Call Out the Administration’s Inaction Toward Recent Events of Racial Injustice

By Eki Uzamere, Editor-in-Chief June 14, 2020

Remote learning came to an end on June 3rd, but not without controversy. As a result of the world’s instability and overtly racist institutions, students are speaking out against Hackley's own shortcomings. Unrest...

Retired Hackley Physics and Calculus teacher, Pavel Litvinov, returns to the Hilltop to talk about his life as a Soviet Dissident in Russia and the importance of free thinking and history in today's world.

Mr. Litvinov Tells His Story: From Citizen, to Scientist, to Dissident, to Hackley Teacher

By Eki Uzamere, Senior Staff Writer March 6, 2020

On January 9th in the Performing Arts Center, the former Soviet dissident Pavel Litvinov addressed his former colleagues and the current juniors and seniors of Hackley, speaking passionately in a distinct...

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