Tampa Bay Rays Internship Day 5


Credit: Cole Wyman

Today was my last day with the marketing department and I can say for sure, the best was not saved for last. Due to the fact that I had already shadowed all four of the marketing departments, there was not really much for me to do. Because I am not a long term intern like the others spending either a full year or even just the summer, I never really had a formal position or responsibility. Meaning that these three weeks, when I’m not actively assigned to shadow someone or talk with someone there isn’t really anything for me to accomplish.

In the morning I spent the first hour continuing my examination of professional teams twitter accounts. Despite having already submitted a list of ideas and images for the Tampa Bay Rowdies twitter yesterday, I was genuinely intrigued and figured maybe I could help someone else. For example, I gave Stephon (not to be confused with his identical twin brother conveniently named Stephen), who is in charge of gate giveaways, the idea of using a twitter poll to select and eliminate some options.

Sitting at my desk still scrolling through the LA Kings twitter, finally, Kenton whose desk is across from mine asked for some help delivering tickets and hats to the team store. Which may sound like a boring task, but I couldn’t wait to just do something. After this, at around noon I walked over to the nearby Subway for lunch with another intern.

The afternoon was potentially even more boring. Finally, after some time just waiting around I was given a small assignment to do some research on mascot races. Some of the in-game marketing crew thought that it could be a good idea for in between innings modeled after the Brewers’ “sausage race” the Nationals’ “presidents race” and the Braves’ “Freeze Race“(This clip is a must watch). This is how I ended my day, like I said, pretty boring, but I very much did enjoy my short time with the marketing department. I would say overall my favorite part was doing the games and being the person in the stands making fans’ days and creating memories.

I was leaving the stadium to grab a bike to get back to my hotel but all of a sudden the heavens opened up so I called an Uber. Because the Rays have a big game against the Yankees for a second I thought they could get delayed… but they play indoors.