Tampa Bay Rays Internship Day 3 – Game Day


Credit: Cole Wyman

Today was very exciting in the office because we had a home day game. It’s very exciting for all the employees because they get to relax in the afternoon and watch the game rather than doing the normal day-to-day work.

However, today I would be joining the in-game promotional crew. I started by attending a meeting where the director of the game details every graphic on the board, announcement on the PA, camera cut in the stands, and other in-game entertainment. What was most fascinating is how down to the second everything is. Each inning there was some new form of entertainment on the board in the stands or on the field, this entertainment could only be about 70-80 seconds long per MLB rules.

Before the game started, the girl I was shadowing and I walked around the stadium in search of the perfect Play Ball kid (the kid who says “Play Ball” on the field before the game) and an Honorary Bat Kid (the kid who runs on the field to deliver the game ball). We scoured the pregame crowd looking specifically for two young siblings 4-12 who look energetic and excited that are wearing Rays gear. Once we found the kids and instructed them to the field, we went to surprise an 89-year-old die-hard fan who would throw out the first pitch. It was very exciting to make someone like her so happy as she was almost in tears when she eventually walked out to the mound.

Throughout the game, we continued to scout people to be featured in giveaways and contests. It was quite hilarious when during the 3rd inning, the MC offered a free shirt to a fan not wearing Rays gear to which the fan replied “No” and was overly adamant about it. After about the 7th inning I spent the rest of the game in the control room. The game ended up going to extra innings and unfortunately for my legs lasted almost 5 hours.