Tampa Bay Rays Internship Day 7


Credit: Cole Wyman

Today was definitely more exciting than Monday. For starters, I ended up somehow taking more trips to storage rooms which I didn’t think was possible but at least I was actively doing things. While a lot of my day was spent stocking promotional items I was able to see advanced logging and maintaining of old promotional giveaways that are reused in the form of donations and enhancements of purchased items (I will explain in a bit). For most of the morning, I was bringing excess items down to storage rooms while taking some items from the larger storage to the smaller closets in the office for easier access later. To be clear, I am now working with community engagement so often times donations to nonprofits for kids may include these old giveaway items for the kids.

Another thing that made today better is that I was given an assignment to work on at my desk when I wasn’t going back and forth between storage rooms rather than sitting and doing nothing but wasting time. I was told to compile cool initiatives that other MLB franchise’s community department did. It’s interesting how much the Rays look to other teams for ideas as to best promote and develop the teams brand. Some of the coolest things I found today included the Baltimore Oriels Bird On a STEM initiative where they provide free STEM courses to local public schools.

Unfortunately, for lunch there were no exciting meetings with Kahoots, instead, I walked to a Subway pretty close to the stadium and ate that. Most employees and interns bring their own lunches, but being in a hotel with only a small fridge that doesn’t get nearly cold enough it is hard to have a good meal ready for lunch. With that being said I am not here to complain about eating subway.

After lunch was the highlight of the day, aside from more back and forth trips I was invited to sit in on a brainstorm for “Pledge Packs”. These are bags or packages filled with Rays gear, memorabilia, tickets, and more. They are named “Pledge Packs” because originally they were given to people who pledged to donate money; however, now they are just for purchase. Working with a small market team is actually very interesting because you have to really try to think of more creative ways to generate team interest and fulfill franchise goals whereas larger teams with a larger fan base don’t have to spend as much time on these types of things.