Performers wow at Winter Coffeehouse


Last Friday, students were able to showcase their talents at the Winter Coffeehouse. Seniors Taylor Robin and Helen Sileshi hosted Friday’s event. They organized games such as “Spill your Guts” where students were called on stage and asked questions. If they refused to answer the question, they were forced to drink sauces including Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and ketchup. One student chose to drink a cup of hot sauce rather than tell the crowd “which teacher she ranted about most recently.”

Students performed music from various genres through singing and playing instruments. Those who do not play an instrument are accompanied by the House Band. This year, the band is made up of Maggie Broaddus (senior, guitar), Alexander Bileca (sophomore, bass), Andrew Davis (junior, piano), and Daniel Shola-Philips (freshman, drums).

The crowd remained engaged throughout the event. “This was my first coffee house and I’m definitely going to try to go to the ones in the future,” sophomore Johnny Torkin said.

Students who have not attended Coffeehouse are highly recommended to attend or even perform at the next event in the spring. For those who are unable to attend the event in person, Mr. Tonken organized a live stream on the school website.