Middle School students create visual art for CS Ed-week


This year’s 7th and 8th grade students have been opportune in taking Ms. Jain’s new ​Creative Arts-Major class in Open Processing. This art major allows students to apply their modern artistic skills in a modern medium. The class covers a range of fundamental and advanced coding techniques while also teaching students that interactive art is equally expressive as any other.

“Through programming exercises, students will learn how to computationally manipulate points, lines, shapes, textures, colors, time, movement, and interactivity.”

Each of the following pieces were created using Open Processing. Each can be explored by mouse movement or clicking.


Student Jake Katz created this piece which changes color based on cursor location:

Ella Chen: click the screen

India Davis-Hanessian: click the nose

Canyon Thompson: click the background

Isabella Barriera: click on the background or on any shape

Leila Dillow: click the background to start, then click on any shape

Ella Chen and Abigail Nager: the match will follow your cursor across the screen

Bode Cice: click anywhere on the screen



To see limitless other interactive art created using open processing click here.