Convocation 21-22


Credit: Ashley Currie

Head of School Michael Wirtz addressed the school body via Zoom. Students viewed the event as they gathered in their respective homerooms. Although the rain prevented an in-person Convocation, students helped conclude the event with a resounding “Go Hack!”

At the beginning of each school year, the Hackley community gathers for Convocation on Akin Common. This year, the event was supposed to be in person for the first time since the pandemic, but took place on Zoom due to inclement weather. However, it remained a valuable tradition to begin the year.
The event commenced with Head of School Michael Wirtz welcoming the new members of the community and wishing them success during their time at Hackley. Following the introduction, a choir made up of students from twelfth, eighth, and fourth grades sang the Alma Mater.
Student Council President Daniel Cai then spoke to the student body, recognizing the significance of why people come to Hackley to learn. Daniel spoke on one of the core values of the community: kindness. He said that aside from athletics and schoolwork, what brings Hackley together is the “pursuit of fundamentally good will”. Daniel left students with a final recommendation to celebrate the powerful quality of kindness.
Keeping with tradition, Mr. Wirtz read a picture book, The Magical Yet by Angela DiTerlizzi, and related the story’s message to the Hackley community. The book focused on the main character’s facing more challenges than success and having to find a balance after multiple failures. A new character, the “magical yet”, is introduced and assists in pointing out the possibilities that one may not even know are with them yet.
Mr. Wirtz related this back to the Hackley community by stating the many enriching possibilities for growth available on campus. Other lessons discussed from the story included mastering new ideas and skills. The “magical yet” teaches patience and to “keep leaping with the yet as your guide”.
Mr. Wirtz ended his speech by recommending students channel the magical yet this year and then via Zoom, to end the event, students cheered all over campus, “Go Hack!”